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Common Signs That Indicate A Fault In Your Car

​Cars are one of the most amazing creations of humans. It helps you go from place to place. But at the end of the day, a car is a machine that needs to be taken care of. As a car owner, it's your responsibility to be on a constant lookout for signs that indicate something is faulty in your car. If your car is behaving oddly or making any strange noises get it checked immediately as these can be signs for the big problem. It doesn't matter if you have a new car or you have a well-maintained family car, some issues are likely to come up over the life of your car. We have come up with the signs that indicate something is faulty in your car. But before looking at the signs mentioned below, you should buy car insurance online, as it will take care of your car in an unfortunate event. Now, let us look at the signs mentioned below:

Can't Accelerate Properly

A fault in your car's fuel pump can be the cause of the slow acceleration as this pump pulls the fuel from the tank to the engine through the fuel lines. If there is a malfunction in the pump or it gets clogged, fuel may not go to the engine. As a result, your car will not accelerate properly or even stall, particularly at high speeds. Some other signals include your car gets shaky especially at high speeds or struggles with hills. You should get your car immediately checked.

Your Car's Breaks Are Making Noises

You all must that brakes are the most vital part of your car. Applying brake at the right moment can prevent accidents from happening. So, it's important that you pay keen attention to the strange noises your brakes make. Noisy brakes might mean that your brake pads are out. When you hear strange noises while braking, make sure you get it immediately checked. If you have bought motor insurance policy from Reliance General Insurance, you will get access to more than 4600 network garages where you can get your car repaired with spending any penny.

Smoky Exhaust

There are various reasons behind a smoky exhaust. So, you should understand what does the color of the fume indicates. For instance, if your car is emitting white smoke, then it is a sign of leaking coolant, as a result of which your car can heat up. When your car's engine burns too much gasoline, it will emit a deep black smoke. If you can see blue-colored smoke coming out of your car, then there might be an oil leak within the engine.

Check Engine Light

On your dashboard, there are warning lights, if it lights up, your car alerts you about problems detected by its onboard diagnostic system (OBD).  With warning lights, you can get to know about several issues, from an anti-lock braking system to low oil pressure. Get your engine checked if your CEL (check engine light) turns on.

The above-mentioned signs will surely help you find if something is faulty in your car.​