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Common Motorcycle Issues that can Lead to Brake Failure and its Solutions

​Brake is one of the essential components of your bike. It helps you to stop the bike whenever needed. Just imagine driving on a freeway with a faulty brake. The very imagination gave you chills down the spine. Right! Hence, it is advisable to check the condition of your bike's brakes every once in a while. The characteristics, properties, and behaviour of brakes change with time and use. The state of your brakes is influenced by temperature, operating durations, operating habits, and effects of interconnected parts.

Don't worry! Here's happy news for you. Most of the problems related to brakes can be solved by alteration or repairing of one or other component. Let have a look at the common issues that lead to two-wheeler brake failure, and their possible remedies.

Master cylinder's misalignment-

Master cylinder is one of the most critical parts in the braking system. Misalignment of the same can cause inappropriate braking pressure, which can initiate brake failure​​. If the oil seal inside the master cylinder gets torn due to erroneous alignment can lead to brake fluid leakage, which thereby results in low brake oil pressure. The only solution to this problem is to mount the master cylinder cautiously.

Inappropriate bleeding-

While installing brakes for the first time, bleeding is the most important process you have to go through. Bleeding basically refers to the removal of air particles from the internal system. If there is any air particle present in the system, it gets compressed and blocks the air from passing. This situation, hence, results in brake failure. The solution to curbing this problem is to go through the standard bleeding procedure, cautiously.

Brake fluid leakage-

Brake fluid leakage sounds like a small problem; however, it can be a pain if you encounter it frequently. The only technique its difficulty can be solved is by proper tightening the bolts and using tapes around the leakage. You should also consider getting the leakage fixed as soon as possible because this situation can be fatal.

Insufficient amount of brake fluid-

When your bike has an inadequate amount of brake fluid, there's a chance that it can cause a total brake failure situation. Therefore, you should always make sure that the fluid container is full. If the tank gets empty, it will suck air in the system, and you will start encountering problems.

Overheating and Binding

Overheating is caused due to brake binding, also known as dragging. Bear in mind that binding may not only occur because of overheating. These problems can be caused by:

  • Defective springs
  • Too-high fluid level (causes binding of disc brake)
  • Jammed brake shoes
  • Prolonged use (a common cause of overheating)
  • Seizure of the piston in the caliper

Brake Fade

Brake fade is caused due to the frequent, rigorous application of brakes. This action causes expansion of brake drum, or loss of the frictional ability of brake lining, or both. If this situation arrives, reduce speed/ load and use lower gears. The brake fade goes away eventually, and the brake effectiveness is restored as soon as the brake lining cools down.

Your two-wheeler needs frequent service and maintenance, which shouldn't go ignored. Also, it is always a good idea to insure your car with a two wheeler insurance policy as there are several benefits to it. A two-wheeler insurance policy covers your bike against several unforeseen situations like accidents, fire, flood, etc. Stay Insured, Stay Protected, And Keep Ridding!​