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Motorcycle Accidents: Causes & Awareness to Save Yourself While Riding

​It is no secret that riding your motorcycle on an open road with the fresh breeze running through your hair is a feeling like no other. It is also no secret that riding your motorcycle on Indian roads is quite dangerous, especially if you are not equipped from the safety point of view.

Every day, we hear about an accident involving a motorcycle or a scooter, be it in a newspaper or the television. This is evident by the fact that how common accidents pertaining to a motorcycle have become. Considering this, it is crucial that you leave no stone unturned in the safety department.

​Entering a corner too fast 

This happens a lot to many of us. Even to the most experienced of the riders!  The first and the most important thing to do, as with many worst-case scenarios, is not panic! The best strategy to employ in this situation is – balance and ride it out. In simple words, think on your feet and ensure minimum risk. Do not hit the brakes too hard that might result in slipping.
A vehicle hits you from behind

Having a car hit you from behind can rattle you. That is why you need to need to be aware and cautious while dealing with this scenario. This can happen due to a multitude of reasons. From trying to avoid an animal appearing out of the blue in front of the car to or trying to avoid a massive pothole. Whatever the reason, such kind of fender bender can be potentially life threatening to the motorcyclist.  
The first thing you can do in this tight situation is to try finding a car that can be used as a shield from the impact. Try to pull in front of a car and offset the risk of impact from behind. If there is no car available to pull off this manoeuvre,   stop your motorcycle to the side of the road rather than in the middle. Next, rapidly hit the front brake so that the tail light flashes and the car driver is alerted of your presence. Additionally, keep an eye on the rear mirror for any potential collision coming your way and move away accordingly. If it is night time, you have to be extra vigilant.

A car opens a door in front of you

Imagine yourself riding on a street that has cars parked on one side of the road and there is another queue of cars that is lined up due to a red traffic light. Sensing the gap available between the two lanes, you rev up your bike and start wriggling your way through the gap to beat the traffic. When all was going well, out of nowhere you see a driver from the parking lane open his door right in front of your path. What would you do?
Well, the only thing you can do in this sticky moment is to slow down as quickly as possible while ensuring your motorcycle does not skid. This is the best solution even in the event of a collision being inevitable since lower the magnitude of impact, lower is the damage.
So these were a few of the most common errors a bike rider is seen making on road. With the help of the above solutions, you should be able to either avoid or minimise the impact of the damage due to an accident. In addition to these, it is very crucial to have bike insurance. A two wheeler in​surance policy​​ is a second line of defense that every Indian biker needs to safeguard him from the financial implications arising out of an untoward event.