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Changing Your Car Tyre Safely Yourself

​A punctured tyre is something which never comes with an invite on your door. It can happen to anyone at any time of day for many reasons; it could be a bad road, metal debris, worn-out tyres or just a bad day. Punctures are mostly known to happen in the least predictable circumstances which spoil the mood. One could get stranded in the middle of nowhere and thus having the important skill of changing tyres is necessary.

If you are still relying on your cell phone for such cases of emergency then believe me someday, you’ll find you phone uncharged or out of network. Also, twice a year it comes the time when the tyres need to be changed in some areas with rain to suit the season. Nobody knows when this could occur, after a very safe driving day you might end up with a flat tyre at the end of the road. While flat tyres can’t be prevented one may prevent their car by getting car insurance.

Items needed to fix a flat tyre

  • Jack
  • Lug wrench
  • A spare tire
  • Vehicle manual

  • These things generally come with the car as tool kit but if by chance any of this has been misplaced then be sure to get the new ones before driving on the road. The spare tyre should be a good condition, fully inflated and ready to use. Before getting into such a situation and googling how to change a flat tyre. Take a spare day and go through the tips on changing a tyre. This will help in future as you won’t feel pressure then.

    Steps to change the tyre

    1. Find a safe zone

    2. While driving if you find that tyre is flat. Don’t stop the car in the middle of the road. Take it to a safer space very slowly. You don’t have to drive for a long distance but getting on the side of the road will work.

    3. Tools

    4. Apply the parking brake and then collect all the tools needed to change the tyre. These are generally lying in the back of the car.

    5. Loosening nuts

    6. Before raising the vehicle on the screw jack, it is important to loosen the nuts. Owner’s manual must be followed as the process is slightly different for every vehicle. The number of nuts varies from 3 to 5. One must be prepared to use a lot of force as these nuts are generally very tight.

    7. Jack

    8. After loosening the nuts, it is time to jack your car. Most cars have indicated the jack area where it must be put for safe lifting.

    9. Removing the tyre

    10. After the jack has been put all the nuts must be removed completely and the wheel then should be taken out.

    11. New Tyres

    12. In the same, the new tyre should be installed and all the screws must be bolted very tightly. The help of all the necessary tools must be taken.

    After keeping the tools and the flat tyres you are ready for a good ride again. One must not forget to get the flat tyre repaired as soon as possible. Also, secure your car by getting car insurance​ now and have safe driving experience.