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Calm Yourself Down a Little With These Facts About Covid-19

​The world is suffering from this pandemic disease called COVID-19. The number of people infected from the disease has reached more than 2.5 lakh and it is still increasing. No, we don’t mean to scare our readers, but we also, can’t dismiss the seriousness of this deadly virus taking over the world rapidly. The disease also raised anxiety amongst travelers. Even travelers have become skeptical about planning their trips.

However, it is also advised to avoid traveling as long as possible. Also, Centers of Disease Control has suggested avoiding non-essential travel to countries especially China, South Korea, Iran, Spain, Japan, Italy and other countries where the virus is spreading at a faster pace. 

Well, there are certain facts and tips that you should know about this virus that can calm you down and allow you to travel if it is unavoidable. Keep reading to know what they are. 

The U.S State Department Travel Section says that if you are planning to fly abroad, stay updated about the current situation of that country, by visiting Travel.State.Gov and entering your destination. 

Check your healthcare providers, they can help you to calm down and belittle some fears and anxiety. They will make you aware of the potential risk and the precautions to take while flying. 

The tour and travel industry is facing a troublesome time, when most of the meetings and conferences are getting cancelled, resulting in the cancellation of the booking. 

The travelers need to stay in touch with the airlines to get notified by the cancellation or amendments in the flight schedule. The travelers must ensure that the airlines have their contact details such as phone number or email. 

Travel insurance is a vital element while travelling during an epidemic crisis. It can be proved as a lifesaver in terms of medical emergencies. It is something not to be missed while travelling abroad. 

Many big travel companies are offering great cancellation policies. Some of them are waiving the amount for amendments and cancellation of travel bookings. 

Tips for Travelers 

1. Choose off-peak hours to fly to avoid crowds at the airport. The more you avoid crowds, the more you can stay safe. 
2. Avoid public transport and board trains and buses at off-peak timings, when the seats are empty. 
3. Wash your hands frequently using water and soap. 
4. Always keep a 60% hand rub along when outside, this helps you sanitize your hands in the absence of soap and water. 
5. Do not touch the face, mouth and nose.
6. Get a Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) policy under yourtravel insurance, to stay assured that you can recover a part of their cost. 
7. Make payments using your cards. 
8. Maintain a safe distance from others when outside. 
9. Wear a mask to reduce the chances of contracting the infection. 
10. Stay at home and delay plans if you are not feeling sick. 

If you are planning your next trip, keep these facts and tips in mind to safeguard yourself. Also, make sure to buy travel insurance ​if you don't have one yet.