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Broken Car Windshield - What Should You Do?

​Although the windshield of the car is very thick and made of strong glass it is possible that it could be cracked. It could be due to an accident or it could be a morning when you wake up to find that your car glass is broken with no evidence as of how it was broken. There could be multiple reasons for this. But what will you do if you find yourself in one of these situations? What if your car windshield is broken? Well, that is what we will explain here. But first of all, we advise you to buy car insurance online to be on the safer side and avoid sudden financial strains.

We all dream of owning a car and once we have got it even a small dent on the car bothers us a lot. It would be horrifying to see your car's windshield to be broken but it is important to remain calm in such situations and follow the advised things. ​

Assess the severity of the damage

Always make sure that you check the extent of damage that has occurred. Make a quick video of the accident and how the glass was broken. This could be used for insurance cover at a later stage. A windshield is not just a single glass but is in layers hence it is a laminated glass from the outside and tempered glass which forms the inside layer both of them are bounded by a layer of PVB. So, any minor dents on the windshield could be repaired, if it is broken severely then it will need a total replacement which could be costly and this is why you need the insurance claim and all the details on how this happened.

Seek professional assistance

Now you may be able to assess the damage on your own but there are windshield experts who will let you know exactly whether your car needs a repair or windshield replacement. This is important because if any of the cracks have seeped into the inner layer of the car which may not be visible could be very dangerous for future use. Thus, reaching out to someone is always better than making an uninformed decision. Apart from the car repair service, you can also take the assistance of people who specifically are trained to deal with the broken glass cases.

Comprehensive Insurance

It is mandatory to have a third-party liability policy but there are cases where you are not able to prove any third-party damage or there is no car to file your claim. For such cases, it is better to have comprehensive cover and this is why people recommend you to get a comprehensive cover for your car. Also, it is necessary to see that the comprehensive cover has a glass claim or not. If the policy has the glass claim all the cost of replacement or repair would be incurred by the insurance provider.

Cashless Garage

If there are garages under your insurance policy, then you can directly go to the listed garage and get the repair for free. This is the network garage and the claim would be directly settled by the garage.

These are all the reasons why it is important to have a comprehensive motor insurance and this is the only safe way to drive.