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Ideal Bike Road Trip Destinations Starting from Mumbai

Life in the financial capital of the country can be hectic, to say the least. While Mumbai is one of the safest and fun-filled cities, it is not without its fair share of cons. Owing to the excessive number of vehicles on the road, pollution is something that every ‘Mumbaikar’ has to endure day in, day out. The traffic resulting from this only adds to the misery of hot and humid weather that is prevalent almost perennially. The best respite in thiscase from the daily grind of maximum city is – A two-wheelerroad trip!

If you haven’t already started making plans and prepping up your bike for the refreshing adventure, here are a few suggestions for your road trip that is sure to take your breath away –

  • Mumbai to LonavalaSaying this roadtrip is popular is an understatement. Because of the close proximity of Lonavala to Mumbai (just 82 kilometres), the Mumbai-Lonavala trip has a following with tourists as well. Taking the blazing fast Pune express highway to reach the hill station is the ultimate relief from city traffic. Bhushi dam, Sunil’s celebrity wax museum and tiger point are some of the must-see places.
  • Mumbai to GoaIf Lonavala is the shortest trip, Goa is quite the opposite, yet a must for the passionate traveller. With approximately 600 kilometres and a journey of 12 hours, this journey is best enjoyed with your friends just like the movie, DilChahta Hai.With rugged roads, swirling across the majestic Western ghatsen route, the journey is as beautiful as the destination.
  • Mumbai to MahabaleshwarAnother hill station on the list that is perfect for a quick weekend getaway and blow off some steam.The drive is as scenic as it gets with lush green vegetation and marvellous hills to gaze upon while you ride on the road. With just 230 kilometres from the city, this place is famous for strawberries and is a heavenly experience during the monsoons.
  • Mumbai to Murud-JanjiraIf sun-kissed beaches are your thing, thebeaches of Murud and Kashid are the place to be. With an adventurous trip surrounded by scenic greenery and soothing serenity, it is sure to rejuvenate your senses. This road trip is around 130 kilometres longand is a treat for seafood lovers! Don’t forget to visit the magnificent Janjira fort that is located in middle of the sea.
  • Mumbai to Alibaug: Alibaug is just around 90 kilometres away from Mumbai. If you are looking for aquick getaway filled with beaches and lovely wildlife, look no further. The sandy white beaches and a fun filled drive across the Mumbai-Goa highway are enough to make up your mind for this endearing road trip.
In addition to making sure you enjoy these road trips, it is also vital for you to be safe. Thus, before you hit the road make sure to check your motorcycle insurance. With this, you insulate yourself from the financial implications of any untoward incident or risks that one is exposed on such road trips. In case your policy is up for renewal, you can easily buy two ​wheeler insurance online​ in a matter of minutes.With your 2 wheeler​ insurance in place, you are now all set for the perfect road trip! Have a safe journey!