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Best Mode of Transport To Travel Around Europe

When you find yourself imagining of exploring around the land of wine and cheese, usually one question comes to mind- What is the best and cheapest way to travel around Europe? Should you go by booking multiple budget flights or maybe joining a busabout will make the trip simpler. Should you buy train passes to zoom through different countries or just book cruise tickets to hit the main destinations? The probabilities are endless! To make the adventure simpler for you, we have are presenting here a few tips on the best ways to travel around Europe, so you can pick which suits your travel style most.

1.    Megabus

Megabus is an inexpensive way to get around England, Scotland, Wales, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. The tickets can cost only 1 GBP if you book them at least one month in advance for famous destinations. However, even if you fail to take these amazingly cheap deals, you can still travel for a more rational price than on the national bus system.

2.    Busabout

Busabout is a hop-on/hop-off bus service similar to the Kiwi or Oz Experience in New Zealand and Australia, respectively. Many backpackers use this method of transport to get around as well as meet different travellers. You can get on and get off anytime you want on the set routes of this transport.

3.    FlixBus

FlixBus, a German-based bus company, has routes in around 20 European nations and thousands of cities, with prices starting as little as 5 euros. Their service includes fantastic facilities like Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, comfy seats, and up to three free bags. It's one of the best and cheapest way to get around the entire attractions in Europe.

4.    Eurolines

Every European nation has its own national bus service. But, when it comes to international long-distance bus routes, you will have to rely on an umbrella company - Eurolines. Although it serves more destinations than FlixBus, Eurolines is expensive and not-so-comfortable after all. The price generally starts at around 20 euros for a 5-6-hour journey.

5.    Budget airlines

Budget airlines are one of the most inexpensive ways to travel long-distance in Europe. These airlines are easily available on the continent, and therefore the cut-throat competition has led to incredibly cheap fares, often as cheap as 1 euro.

6.    Eurail pass

If you want to travel across long distances and don't want to fly or have a grand tour across the famous destinations in Europe, then getting a rail pass is your best bet. Buying this pass will reduce the overall travel cost of your trip if you were thinking of buying the tickets separately.

7.    BlaBlaCar

The rise of the carpooling culture has allowed people to hop a ride with others going their way. BlaBlaCar is very popular and widespread in Europe. It lets you share rides with people who have extra space in their car. You can find rides for as less as 5 euros.

As you can notice, there are various ways to get around Europe on a budget. But the best way of travelling across Europe is to mix and match your transportation. You should have a brief idea about all these modes of transports. For short trips, you can take trains and BlaBlaCar. For trips that are half a day long, you can take a bus, BlaBlaCar, or train. Lastly, for long distances, take a budget airline, high-speed train or an overnight bus.

When you plan your trip to Europe, don't forget to cover your journey with a travel insurance policy so that you can have peace of mind whilst abroad. A travel insurance plan takes care of your lost passport, lost baggage and more. Hence, it advisable to get a comprehensive travel insurance plan before you step on the flight.