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Best International Places to Explore Wildlife

​Not many people get the golden opportunity to have a close encounter with wild animals. Those who visit wildlife destinations believe that there is nothing in the world that can be more gratifying than exploring these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat.

Exciting, isn't it? From jungles to beneath the sea, encountering wildlife will give you a lifetime experience for sure. So, if you are ready to check out the exotic animals on the planet, do plan a trip to the following wildlife hotspots in the world. Also, make it a point to travel insurance policy to protect you against the unexpected.

1. Galapagos Islands

Situated in the Pacific Ocean (600 miles off the Ecuador's coast), Galapagos Islands are widely known for their unusual and unique species. The most popular species found here include Marine Iguana, Blue-Footed Booby, Galapagos Penguin, Waved Albatross, Medium Ground Finch, Lava Gull, and various others.

Fly into Baltra Island or San Cristobal Island which is Ecuador to visit this popular tourist hub.

2. Kinabatangan River

Lower Kinabatangan River is the ideal wildlife destination in Borneo that lets you experience a variety of species up close. The forest on the river banks is home to several nocturnal and daylight creatures, like, Borneo Orangutans, Hornbills, Proboscis Monkeys, Borneo Pygmy Elephants, Flat-Headed Cats, and Philippine Slow Lorises.

There is no direct way to reach here. You'll have to fly to Sandakan in Malaysia and then reach this place via river cruises.

3. Amazon Rainforest

Being the world's largest rainforest, nearly 2,000 species of wild animals find their natural habitat in this wildlife hotspot. This rainforest can be found within Venezuela, Suriname, Peru, Guyana, Columbia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Brazil, Bolivia, and South American continent (40%). Jaguars, Glass Frogs, Macaws, Sloths, Poison Dart Frogs, River Dolphins, Giant Anteater and Anacondas are among the most popular animals you can find here.

As the rainforest is spread across different countries, you can visit this place from any specific destination - Peru, Brazil etc.

4. Kangaroo Island

The most interesting fact about this place is that its major attraction is not the kangaroos but endangered Australian sea lions. Guided tours help you explore the breeding colony of these sea lions, where you can find mothers feeding their young pups and helping them to learn swimming.

Enjoy a ferry ride from South Australia to reach Kangaroo Island. Also, get a travel insurance for Australia before you visit.

Wild animals in all of these places are very tolerant of tourists' presence. Hence, it is completely safe to travel to these places. Just have a travel insurance policy to cover you against financial losses or unexpected incidences, like missed flights. You can buy travel insurance online very conveniently and easily.​