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Best Bikes Under 50000 in India

India is one of the largest producers and consumers of a bike in the world. Baja Auto and Hero MotoCorp are two Indian brands that are on the list of 5 biggest bike manufacturers in the world. India has all variety from luxury bikes to mid-range bikes for low-income families. While in many other countries bike owning a bike is a luxury, in India it is made for middle-class people. Almost 90 % of bike owners' are middle-class people. 

For a common man, it is much more than a vehicle. It is a companion for daily commuters and a source of livelihood for many. With a big market, sometimes choosing the right bike in your budget becomes a tedious task. On this note, we have compiled a list of popular two-wheelers under 50,000 in India. The list is based on engine capacity, design, mileage, and most importantly, your budget.

Bajaj Discover 100M

Bajaj Discover is a commuter bike made for common people powered by a 102 cc engine. The engine delivers the maximum power of 9.3 PS by delivering the maximum torque of 9.02. The bike features four gears and drives at the maximum speed of 95kmph. The weight of the bike is 114 kg with a seat height of 795mm. You can fill up to 9.5 liters of fuel in the tank, enough for a long ride. It features a drum braking system with electric start and alloy wheels. The bike is priced at Rs 46,724 in India. 

Hero Splendor NXG

It is another affordable commuter bike by Hero MotoCorp. The bike is specially designed for Indian roads keeping the target audience in mind. The engine capacity is 97 cc delivering a maximum output of 7 PS and delivering a maximum torque of 8 NM. The bike delivers a top speed of 90kmph with 4 gears. It weighs 112 kg with a seat height of 785 mm. the fuel tank capacity is 11 liters, more than Discover100M. The braking system is Drum brakes with no alloy wheels. It is priced at Rs 46,391.

Honda Dream Neo

Dream Neo has better engine capacity than both the vehicles we have previously discussed. It powers a 110cc engine which provides a maximum power of 8.25 PS and a torque of 8.63NM. The bike has 4 gears with a top speed of 74 kmph. The fuel tank capacity is 8 lire. Like other bikes of similar range, Dream Neo feature Drum brakes with allow wheels. The bike is priced at Rs 44,827.

Mahindra Centuro

It is again a commuter bike with an engine capacity of 107 cc. The bike delivers a maximum power of 8.5 PS and torque of 8.5 NM with 4 gears and can reach a top speed of 92 kmph. It has the largest fuel capacity among all discussed vehicle. With a fuel tank of 12.7 liters with drum brakes and allows wheels the bike is priced at Rs 46,014. 

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