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Basic Maintenance Tips for your Electric Two Wheeler

​Going green is the need of the hour! If you, as a responsible citizen, are trying to make a difference, we would like to congratulate you for taking the bold step. Apart from keeping the environment clean, there are several other advantages of choosing an electric motorcycle over a conventional bike with fuel tanks. One of the biggest advantages of having an electric bike is that you need very less maintenance to keep the bike up and running. No battery to maintain, no oil to change, no valves to adjust, no throttle bodies to sync, no air filter to replace, just changing the old tyres and brake pads will do the magic. However, even your electric bike needs regular maintenance to stay in the top condition and reduce the risk of larger repairs in the future.

Here are some of the best maintenance tips​ to help you keep your electric motorcycle in a top condition.

Regular cleaning

Keep dirt, dust, and debris away from the bike's engine by cleaning it regularly. You don't want any waste get into the engine and create problems while riding. Also, use a low-pressure water stream or a wet rag to clean the bike. You don't want the electrical systems getting wet and causing malfunction.


Apply lubrication in the major moving parts of the bike to ensure they are working in the right order. When the lubrication dries it causes several problems in the bike.

Check the bolts

Once in a while check for any loose bolts, nuts, screws, or anything other part on the bike. Tighten them up as soon as possible as they can cause accidents, which you don't want while riding, clearly.

Tyre pressure

One of the most important things to do before taking a ride on your electric bike is to check the tyre pressure. Watch the side-walls of your bike tyres to understand whether the tyre pressure is right or needs refilling. Use a pressure gauge to examine the current pressure in your bike's tyres. Riding your bike with an inadequate tyre pressure is not recommended as it can make you skid and fall.

Brake pads

Every few weeks, take a look at the brake pads on your motorcycle to see how they are holding up. It's necessary that you have effective brakes or else you could end up in a serious accident. Brake pads can be easily replaced whenever necessary.

Battery care

The most important electrical piece on the bike is its battery. Read the manufacturer's instructions on how to properly charge. Charging the battery improperly will probably end up damaging it and wearing it out quicker. Also, remember battery replacements can be expensive, so take care of the battery you have and help it last as long as possible.

Keep these tips in mind and keep your electric bike in pinnacle state. We believe that you are a responsible rider and pay attention while travelling. However, it is of utmost importance that your consider insuring your electric motorcycle with a comprehensive two wheeler insurance.  Two wheeler insurance covers your vehicle against threats like accident, fire, flood, and other untoward conditions.