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Avoid these 5 unlawful car modifications

​For some car owners, their car is not just a vehicle but an extension of self. Many car owners accessorise and modify their cars to suit their tastes and personality. However, what needs to be kept in mind is that not all modifications are accepted by law. In fact, some modifications can compromise your car insurance coverage. Therefore, make informed decisions when opting for modifications. There is no point in investing in car insurance online if your claims get rejected due to the modifications you made. 

Here are some unlawful car modifications that may even nullify your car insurance

Changing the exterior colour of the car 

Are you bored of your car's colour and want to change it to your current favourite colour? But before you do that, remember, the original exterior colour of your car is mentioned in its registration certificate and insurance documents. It is unlawful to have a car colour different from the one mentioned in the documents. It can lead to fines and denial of car insurance claims in the future. If you want to change the exterior colour of your car, then you would have to intimate the RTO and insurance company and get the necessary changes done in the documents.  

Fancy registration plates

In an attempt to make their car's registration number stand out, many people opt for fancy registration number plates. While some use fancy fonts, others may write the number in the local language. Meddling with the number plate style is a very serious offence. As per Motor Vehicle laws, all new cars must be fitted with High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP) on both the front and back sides of the vehicle. Older vehicles must have registration plates with all letters and numbers clearly visible. Not following these norms can attract heavy fines despite having car insurance online.  

Making structural changes to the car's chassis

The chassis is a car's skeleton. Making any structural changes to the chassis can affect the strength of the chassis and car. It can be a serious safety concern in case of a collision or accident. Due to this, it is unlawful to make such structural changes to the chassis of the car. This is irrespective of having car insurance. Cars with modifications to the chassis, such as a stretch limousine, are impounded by the traffic authorities and scrapped. Also, car insurance for such vehicles can be denied. Owners are known to take car insurance online for such vehicles, but there is no point in doing it. Why? Because most insurance companies will not entertain claims for such modifications.  

Tinted glasses

As per the Supreme Court ruling, the front and rear glasses of a car should have a minimum of 70% visibility and side glasses should have a minimum of 50% visibility. If the glasses are tinted in a way that norms are not followed, you may have to pay heavy fines if caught. Using sun films and sunshades are also illegal. Tinted glasses have nothing to do with car insurance online though. This ruling was brought into action after many criminal activities were reported in vehicles with dark sun films.​ 

Fancy and musical horns

Noise pollution is everywhere. Vehicle horns are a large contributor to the noise pollution levels in India. Standard horns that come fitted in the vehicles have sound within permissible limits of 100 decibels. However, installing a horn with a loud noise or musical tunes is not allowed and they are illegal. Even reverse musical horns are unlawful. If such horns are found installed in a car, traffic police can levy a hefty fine on the car owner. Also, you may not get any car insurance coverage for such horns. 

You modify your car to incorporate changes as per your liking. However, it should become damaging to your pocket and compromise car insurance online benefits. Making unlawful modifications to your car can attract severe fines and harsh punishments. Despite car insurance online, your car can be seized by the RTO authorities. Be a good citizen and always carry all the vehicle papers such as the registration certificate, car insurance document and pollution check certificate when driving around. Make the best of your car insurance online and enjoy the benefits in your time of need.