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All Traffic Rules & Fines In India

​The amended motor vehicle act was passed in Lok Sabha. As a result, there are now stricter rules and heftier penalties for violation of rules and regulations. The changed laws came into effect from September 1, 2019. The main agenda of the act is to promote a safe driving experience and eliminating all the traffic violations in India. 

With strict guidelines, we are already witnessing the change as people are now more conscious of wearing a helmet and following traffic regulations. Here is a quick overview of new laws:

Key Features

  • Three years of imprisonment for parents whose kids below the age of 18 are found driving a vehicle
  • Increased compensation for a family who meets an accident. The maximum legal liability from the third party is now 5 lakhs for serious injuries and 10 lakhs for death
  • Increase in fines for violation of traffic regulations such as rash driving, drink & drive, driving without wearing seatbelts, or driving without helmets
  • Heavy fines for not carrying the necessary paper for your vehicle

  • Statistics on Traffic Violation in India

    More than 150,000 people die due to road accidents in India. Out of these 95% of fatalities involves two-wheelers. Chennai out of all cities ranks highest in road accidents. The traffic rules are passed with an attempt to improve the traffic conditions in India. It mainly aims at developing the riding behavior of riders. 

    New Structure for violating Traffic Rules

    Driving without DL: 

    Taking your vehicle out without a driving license will be fined with Rs 5,000. Earlier the fine was only Rs.500. 

    Speed Limit: 

    Overspeeding is now charged with Rs 4,000 which depends on the type of the vehicle. 

    Rash Driving: 

    Rash driving is one of the common causes of road accidents. The penalty for the same has been raised to 1 year of imprisonment or a fine of Rs 1,000-5,000. Also, for a second-time offense, it results in 2 years of imprisonment or a 10,000 fine. 

    Drunk Driving: 

    Parting with your friends is cool but you also must keep in mind traffic rules. Usually, drunk driving is at a higher chance of getting into road accidents and causing harm to others. The penalty of the same has been increased to 10,000. 


    Tripling is a common phenomenon in India. Next time you plan to do a tripling with your friends think twice. The fine was earlier was Rs 2,000 and now has been increased to Rs 20,000. Also, the DL will be deactivated for three months. 
    ​Defying orders from the authority will lead to a fine of Rs 500 to 2,000.

    Driving uninsured vehicle: 

    Insuring your vehicle is the most significant aspect after registration. A non-insured vehicle can cost a fine of Rs 1,000 with imprisonment of 3 months. In the case of repeated offense, the fine will accordingly increase.

    Make sure you have an appropriate motor insurance policy for your vehicle i.e third party car or two wheeler insurance at the very least.