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Going for a Trip Abroad? Here's 7 Things you Need to Get Done

​​​People spend a fortune when they go on a foreign tour. Generally, foreign tours are never cheap. The number of things you need to be prepared actually cost a lot. When you spend a good amount of money on a foreign tour, you expect everything to turn out well. However, there are many unpleasant situations that could ruin your journey if you are not well prepared. ​

Here is a list of 7 things which you need in order to make your foreign tour safe and memorable. Follow these tips and be safe both financially and mentally –

#1 You need to do a thorough research on the place you are travelling well in advance as last minute preparations could cost you a lot of money unnecessarily. For instance, if you know that your travel destination is known for water sports, you must invest in a pair of good quality swimwear well in advance. If you rent it from there, chances are that you might have to pay a little extra. Another great example could be an entry to a famous heritage tourist spot. If a particular place requires an entry fee or an advance booking, make sure you do the needful before time or else you will have to skip the destination.

#2 When you are planning to go on a foreign tour, make sure you take all the relevant vaccinations before leaving on the trip as there are countries which are at a high risk of hepatitis and other major diseases. Also, get a basic prescription from your doctor about your pre-existing ailment if any. Carry all the necessary medicines along with you as the cost of a doctor or medicines is really high in almost all foreign countries.

#3 Don’t forget to buy travel insurance. Check all the inclusions covered by your travel insuranc​e international policy. Choose a policy based on the number of members travelling along with you and the destination you are travelling to. The best travel insurance international policy is the comprehensive one as it covers you right from the time you leave your home till you are back.

#4 Carry enough copies of your identity documents like passport, driving license etc to prove your identity in case you lose any of the documents.

#5 Besides foreign currency, carry plastic money as well. Check with your bank whether the debit/credit card works in the country you are travelling to.

#6 Your travel insurance international policy should also cover you in the event of loss or theft of cash and valuables. Make sure that you divide your cash equally in all the pieces of your luggage. In case you lose one, you are left with enough cash.

#7 Ensure that you pack enough clothes in your spare handbag as they may become useful if you lose your luggage in transit. Check whether or not your travel insurance international policy covers loss of baggage