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Traveling Solo Made Easier with these 7 Essential Tips - Part 2

​​Let’s complete our list of travelling tips for our selfie-vacation.

4. Find  travel companions online
In today’s world, no one likes to compromise on their vacation. You would be really annoyed if your partner or family member disagrees with any of your plans and interests. Hence, it is suggested to find people with common interests and plan a vacation with them. For instance, if you enjoy scuba-diving, find people who share this interest and your vacation wouldn’t have a moment of boredom. There are a plenty of websites which help you find travel buddies such as,,,, etc. Each of them has a peculiarity. For example, is a women-only search engine while is especially for people interested in backpacking. Research a bit to find the perfect group for yourself.

5. When in Rome, do as the Romans do
Try to emulate the locals as much as possible. Find out about what they do in their past-time, their beliefs, preferences etc. It might change your perspective about life. 
Rather than living in Hotels try living in dorm-style hostels and traveling in public transport to meet new people. It can also be suggested to find a local guide to set up your trip. Just ensure you don’t believe everything the guide tells you.

6. Hands-off Facebook as well as other social media 
Ration your social media usage and focus all of your attention towards your surroundings. Without the distraction you would become more observant and enable you to make the most of your trip. It is only natural to miss your loved ones but when you eventually get to meet your family after a while, the wait would be worth it.

7. Invest in a good travel insurance policy
The chances of unfortunate events are doubled when you travel solo. Hence, get a comprehensive travel insurance policy to stay clear of any unforeseen circumstances. The peace of mind you have while traveling would be worth the money.
Hope next time you plan a vacation all on your own, you make the most of these tips and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.​