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Traveling Solo Made Easier with these 7 Essential Tips - Part 1

​​​​​Continuing with our theme about traveling solo, let’s breeze through a few tips for traveling alone. They might save you a few bucks, your valuable time, embarrassment, or even your life.

1. Ensure you have enough copies of your  essential documents
Having sufficient copies of your important documents such as passport, visa, other photo identification documents such as driving license, PAN card, A​​adhaar Card etc.​ is paramount while traveling to an unknown place. Keep a few copies with your family members, girlfriend/boyfriend, friends etc. In addition, make sure you mail the documents to yourself and have them available on your phone. You never know when you would need these essential documents.  A vital practice is of keeping the originals locked safely in your hotel locker and carry copies around when you travel. This way, even if your bag is stolen on your way you still have the originals in place. A travel insurance policy would come in handy in such a case.

2. Travel as light as possible
If you are used to carrying your entire world in your bag, you are probably a big fan of weight-lifting. Ensure you pack only the bare essentials. You wouldn’t want to check-in your bag everywhere and let your baggage let you down every time you travel alone. After all, travelling solo means you are going to be the only person who would be looking after your baggage. Better travel light and move around easily without worrying much about luggage.

3. Keep your relatives and friends updated about your whereabouts
It’s really not as tedious as it sounds. Just email your itinerary to your family and friends.
Travelling alone can raise a lot of safety concerns. Hence, it is always advised to inform your family and friends about your flight schedules and numbers, hotel reservations and travel arrangement. You can save time and communicate with your loved ones during commuting. It will make them feel less worried and you will also feel safer. Use any messenger to communicate such as Skype, etc. The choices you have are endless.

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