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7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Two Wheeler Looking New

​Is your two-wheeler your pride and partner? A well-maintained two-wheeler means high-quality performance for a long period of time. Plus, it will be safer to ride compared to an ill-maintained one. As a two-wheeler owner, you must take the charge of looking after your vehicle and ensuring that it looks and feels as good as new at all times. 

Damages caused to bike left out in the open

It is essential to keep your two-wheeler in a safe space. Leaving the bike out in the open increases the risk of theft. Besides, the vehicle will have to bear the damages due to the weather such as the bolts could seize up if dissimilar metals are in close contact in a corrosive environment and the seat will be damaged if exposed to hot summer sun for long. Although 2-wheeler insurance can help in covering the damages to some extent, it is always recommended to keep your vehicle in a safe and secure place.

Tips to keep your two-wheeler looking new:

1.Read the bike manual: Sounds boring? But doing it can help you take good care of your bike. The manual has all the information about different parts of the bike and ways to maintain them. Read the manual carefully and follow the instructions. 

2.Check the engine oil regularly: Whether you will have a smooth or bumpy ride depends on the state of the engine oil. You must check the engine oil regularly and stick to high engine oil quality. Dirty oil can reduce the capacity of fuel consumption and cause internal corrosion. Always check for possible oil leakages when you check the quality and quantity of the oil. 

3.Clean the air filters: The air filters of your bike often get clogged due to dust and dirt. You must keep the filters clean at all times and get them changed regularly.

4.Maintain proper air pressure in tyres: Make it a point to check the tyre condition regularly and keep the right pressure level at all times. Remember, low tyre pressure means low fuel economy. Replace the bike tyres as suggested in the manual. 

5.Look after the brakes: To keep the bike running efficiently, you must take care of the brakes. The brake pads tear out with time and you may have to replace them if there is a screeching sound. Also, do not miss out on topping up the brake fluid every few months. 

6.Regularly service the bike: If you want to keep your two-wheeler looking as good as new, take it for regular service. Service ensures everything is inspected and repairs or replacements are done on time. Regular servicing will also reduce the occurrence of technical issues.

7.Park your two-wheeler in a covered space: No matter where you live, the weather conditions have a major impact on your two–wheeler’s health and performance. If you want to avoid any damages to your vehicle and keep it looking new, always park it in a covered space. 

A well-maintained two-wheeler is a delight to ride. It will reduce the long-term maintenance expenses and will also fetch a higher price when you sell it. You must clean the two-wheeler regularly to keep it shiny and ensure that the bike has valid third-party bike insurance​. It is a mandatory requirement in India to have two-wheeler insurance. You can purchase an own damage policy to ensure that the bike functions smoothly and has comprehensive coverage.