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5 Tips that Can Make your International Trip Economical

​​Overseas travelling is expensive! Isn’t that right? Well, at least that’s what we often hear and in turn, are lead to believe with populist opinions.  For the record, the answer is no. To put it plainly, with some smart planning and best practices, you can save loads of cash during your international holiday trip.  

Without any delay, let’s take a look at some smart tips/hacks that will bust the myth that you need to be as rich as uncle scrooge to go on an overseas vacation. 

  • Keep an eye on the small expenses: This can come across as a no- brainer. That said, it is a very effective exercise to keep a check on the unnecessary expenses. Saving and cutting back on small expenses can go a long way to making your international adventure a budget –friendly one! You can seek the help of travel magazines, online travel blogs and even ask friends in this regard. 
  • Maximize points and memberships: There are a number of ways to get great discounts when you are travelling abroad. One way to go about it is to garner points through memberships and loyalty. You can find several club memberships that offer amazing offers and deals through their travel packages. You can also accrue points by using a credit card. These credit card companies offer discounts as well increased points when used at outlets listed by them. Such points can be directly cashed in for various payments or can be availed as vouchers for meals, online shopping, booking flight tickets and so on. One strategy you can employ is collecting points and discounts keeping your travel needs and destination in mind. This will help you maximize the benefits and save your hard-earned cash for some extra shopping. 
  • Be smart with your phone: This is quite crucial. Many of us forget about managing our phone’s plan and end up paying a fortune for the phone bill. Firstly, call your cellular network’s customer care to check the best talk plan offered for your destination. If that’s not feasible, go for an international sim card that offers good benefits. If not, you can also avail an affordable prepaid phone available locally. Other than this, you should also be careful with your internet data. A quick tip here would be to download all the maps and other navigational information on your phone before leaving so that you can access that data offline. Lastly, remember that you can avail free Wi-Fi at many public places such as malls, restaurants etc. 
  • Finding income: Although it might a bit unheard of, yes, taking up a job is a good idea to cover your travel expenses. There are a number of ways to earn some extra cash such as writing a travel story, teaching English to non-native speakers, offering lessons in various areas, or any other stop-gap job for that matter. 
  • Insurance: What is the point in saving money on a lot of other things if all of it goes down the drain if you encounter a mishap or an untoward incident? It is no secret that medical expenses can go through the roof when you are abroad. A medical emergency can lead to a financial disaster. This is where a travel medical insurance comes to the rescue. With an international travel insurance cover in place, you stay worry free about such risks and enjoy your holiday. Check out Reliance travel insurance premium calculator to know how much an international travel insurance​ cover would cost you.