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Information on New Born Child

​​Changes in your Body..
Getting accustomed to new surroundings: After spending 9 months curled up in your womb; your little one will take time to get     settled in her /his new surroundings. In this time the baby will love being cuddled and held close. There are a few things that you should know to help you understand your baby better.

Limbs Look Short:
Breast feeding is extremely important for both you and your baby. Breast milk provides all the nutrition your baby needs and also provides your baby with antibodies that protect him/her from infections. This is very important for your baby as their immune systems are not fully developed.

Do you have nipples? Problems with breast feeding?
The Exercises
The process of recovering from your pregnancy will take time. You must understand that you have been through an incredible experience over the past 9 months and you will take some time to return to how you were, before your pregnancy.
- Changes in your body. - Exercises to help you. - Concerned about your weight?

Post Partum Depression (Post Delivery Depression)
If you are feeling a little bit low in spite of having your little bundle of joy in your arms don't be alarmed. You might take some time to bond with your baby. This is quite common. You have just been through so much. The whole process     is so exhausting that only those who have gone through it can actually understand it. Don't burden yourself with unnecessary guilt if you feel a little low and be positive.


Quick Bytes by Reliance General Insurance:
At present your doctor is keeping a check on the health of your unborn baby. However, once your child steps in he/she you would need to consult a different doctor only for babies. Therefore, it is wise to start looking for a doctor for your child in advance, i.e. months before your child is even born. Choosing a doctor and deciding on a health insurance​ before giving birth to your child not only saves time, but also ensures peace of mind. In addition, if due to unforeseen reasons you end up delivering early, having a child’s doctor well in place before your baby is even born will be the best preparedness you could offer your child. Knowing your child’s doctor in advance helps you built up trust and rapport which in turn would help you get ready healthcare for your newborn baby.