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5 Tips Which Helps You Select A Bike Insurance Company In India

​​When you are looking for a motorbike insurance, you would come across two options:

  • approach a motor insurance company directly through online, over phone or visit their branch office;
  • or else get in touch with a motorbik​e insurance agent/broker

Irrespective of which option you choose to buy your motorbike insurance, the primary factor of your focus should be which bike insurance company should you buy your motorbike insurance from.

Read on to know - how to choose a motorbike insurance company:

1. Reliability: The foremost thing that you should consider while looking for a motor insurance company offering bike insurance is its reliability. From a customer perspective, it should be very important for you that your motorbike insurance provider has a good market reputation in terms of settling claims. Speak to people you know having motorbike insurance from that company, or logon to internet to read reviews about the company’s claim service, get an idea about how much time does the company takes to process the claims and settle them.

2. Complaints: When you are looking for a motor insurance company for your bike insurance, ensure to check the complaint ratio against the company. This ratio will give you an idea about the overall service quality of that company, thus, would help you in making a better choice. 

3. Check the policies: Take a good look at the types of policies and coverage are offered by the company. Compare the features, benefits and exclusions mentioned in their motorbike insurance policy with those offered by some other bike insurance company. This would give you an idea about which policy offers better or more benefits.

4. Premium: While you are comparing the features and benefits of bike insurance policies offered by different bike insurance companies​, make it a point to also compare the premium amount charged by each company. Often you may come across different bike insurance policies with similar benefits but different premium cost. Such type of comparison helps you in getting best deal towards your bike insurance at best price. 

5. Discounts: Generally mostly motorbike insurance providers offer discounts and bonuses on their policies. Find out about any such discount you would be eligible for, you never know, such a query might bring you probably best bike insurance plan at cheapest price.

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