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​​Irrespective of whether you follow a fitness program or not; having a reasonably priced health insurance​ has become a necessity for one and all. Following right diet and working out regularly definitely help us maintain a good health, but it does not make us immune to health related issues. Individuals often fall prey to health problems because they have it in their family. For instance, someone whose family has a history of heart related problems may have more chances to be detected with one such problem. Therefore, to fight against any such or other medical issues, one should buy health insurance plan.

Most Indians get their mediclaim policy from their employers or are covered under a health plan offered by a family member’s employer. In such a case, you stand at a risk of losing your health insurance cover if you or your family member leaves the job. Also, such corporate plans do not offer sufficient coverage. If you are covered under just your employer’s health plan, the chances that you would have to shell out extra from your pocket are more.
In addition, many corporate health plans do not offer all types of coverage. For instance, many employers offer medical coverage only in case of hospitalization. Whereas, if you buy an individual health insurance plan or a mediclaim policy for family​, then you would also be covered for things like day-care treatment. Your employer’s plan may not be the best health insurance in India. Buy health insurance plan to avoid the last minute surprises and hassles in case of a medical emergency.
At the time of buying health insurance policy, you can save a lot of money if you buy affordable health insurance that meets all your requirements. You should know what are you paying for.
Follow the below steps to buy health insurance at affordable rates:
1. Get in touch with different health insurance companies and compare the features and price of each health insurance policy. Look for the health insurance policy that offers protections from large medical costs. When you compare health insurance plans, you get the best rate and make the maximum savings.
2. Read through the fine prints of the mediclaim policy documents. Ensure the health insurance policy offers the type of risk coverage that suits your needs. Understand the terms & conditions of the policy well, in case of any doubt do not hesitate to ask your query. Call the health insurance company or your agent and get clarity on every aspect of the policy. This would protect you from any last minute unpleasant surprises.
3. Check for a "free look" clause in the policy. After you have bought a health insurance policy, many insurance companies would provide minimum 10 days to the customer to go through the policy and understand it well. If after reading through the policy, the customer feels it does not suit his/her needs, he/she can return it following which you’re his/her premium shall be refunded.

Do an online search or speak to your family and friends to get their idea about the best health insurance in India. Often, ones experience proves to be handy for others too.