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Corona Kavach vs Corona Rakshak: Differences Explained


It is nothing new to say that coronavirus has had a hard impact not only on the economy but on every sector on all parts of the world. It has had a tremendous impact in India and the cases have been rising frequently. With no particular treatment for this virus, the future looked hazy. Amidst this IRDAI has launched two new coronavirus health insurance policy. These policies are corona rakshak policy and corona kavach policy. These were the basic standard plan which was mandated by IRDAI to be offered by all the insurers​. 

Let's get into the detail of both these health insurance policies to understand the difference and to choose the best ones for us. 

Features Corona Kavach Corona Rakshak
Type of CoverIndemnity BasedBenefit Based
Sum InsuredRs 50,000 to Rs 5 LakhsRs 50,000 to Rs 2.5 Lakhs
CompensationBased on HospitalizationOne-time Settlement
Premium CycleSingle Premium​​
Tenure3.5 months, 6.5 months and 9.5 months
DeductiblesNo Deductibles permitted in this product
Entry Age
Minimum: 18 Years ​
Maximum: 65 Years ​
Dependent Children: 25 years ​
Pre-Existing DiseasePre-existing comorbidity conditions are covered
Waiting Period15 days​

Apart from these differences let's get into the inclusions of the policy.

​Inclusions of Corona Kavach

This Policy is good for individuals who are looking for a family floater policy, upon positive testing in an authorized government centre the insurance company will pay all the hospitalisation cost that is incurred for the treatment of COVID-19. It covers a maximum of 14 days of hospital coverage and any kind of prescribed treatment by the medical practitioner. It pays for room, boarding nursing as well as for home diagnosis. All the medicines prescribed in writing, blood, oxygen, anaesthesia, ventilator PPE kits, consultation charges everything is covered. This policy will also cover the cost related to Ayush treatment if prescribed. The cost incurred 15 days before hospitalisation and 30 days post-discharge will also be covered under this policy. 

​Inclusions of Corona Rakshak​

After the insured person is diagnosed with COVID-19 from a government authorized diagnostic centre, the insurer will pay the fixed amount which had been insured to the insurer as a one-time payment to cover for the losses. The best way to is to ensure the amount which is at least 25% of your monthly salary this will be the best way to keep your family protected. The insurer will pay t100% of the insured sum on a positive diagnosis. However, it is important to note that the amount is payable only when the person is hospitalised for at least 72 hours. The lump-sum amount which is paid is irrespective of the expenses occurred during the hospitalisation whether high or low.

What is not allowed in both policies is a claim in the waiting period and a positive test from a non-authorised diagnostic centre.

These are very basic yet important policies and these hard times IRDAI has launched these policies so that all the families could have a secure future. It is must to have one of these policies according to the needs.