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Hyundai Car Insurance


Hyundai Car Insurance

​Reliance Hyundai Car insurance and all the Hyundai cars is a match made in heaven. Hence, cover your car with a policy that shares your love for your car. Your car says a lot about you. Ensure your car has customized coverage.​

Following are the reasons to opt for Reliance Car Insurance​ Policy for Hyundai Cars:​​

 Reduce your Car Insurance premium by up to 55%​  Retain your earned No-Claim Bonus even after making a claim
 Enticing discounts to ​cut down your premium even further  Wide-range of Customized add-on covers to provide a more comprehensive coverage
 Cashless facilities across 2300+ network garages  Quick and seamless claim settlement process
 Instant policy renewal online (or by calling our toll free no. @ 1800 3009 )  On the spot premium calculation using our car insurance calculator​​
​ ​
Are you drooling over Hyundai’s smart and quirky car designs? Do you love the amazing customer service that Hyundai provides? Or are you just a Shahrukh Khan fan? There are endless reasons for loving Hyundai cars. In the same way, there are endless reasons to choose Reliance Hyundai Car Insurance to cover your beloved Hyundai car. Reliance Hyundai Car Insurance is made-to-measure for all Hyundai cars, offering apt coverage to popular cars such as i10, i20, Santro, Fluidic Verna, Elantra, Sonata and so on.

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*​Above mentioned discounts has been calculated on the basis of rate prescribed under erstwhile Indian Motor Tar​​iff