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What does the new lockdown in Europe mean for international travel

​Looking at the present situation of the Covid-19 and to tackle the second wave of the novel coronavirus many European countries, including the UK, France, Ireland, Belgium, and Germany, have announced lockdowns in their premises. Natives of the respective countries have been asked to stay at home and are allowed to go out only to get essential commodities. They are not allowed to move to and fro for their entertainment or other purposes.

The coronavirus has been spreading beyond our expectations. COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a recently discovered coronavirus. The virus behind this deadly disease is mainly transmitted through the droplets which come out of the mouth of the infected person when he or she coughs, sneezes, or exhales. These droplets do not mix up in the air, and they quickly fall on floors or surfaces thus leading to the spread of deadly Coronavirus.

Due to the sudden rise in the spread of Coronavirus and the rise in the death rates, it has been advised to all the people to stay at home and to stay safe. After the lockdown for so many days, many countries have now announced Unlock in their periphery, providing the citizen must follow the rules of the Government such as wearing a mask, frequently washing hands, and use of sanitizer. The government has also put some of the terms and conditions but overall the above things one should choose their safety.

The lockdowns now may harm the aviation industry too because tourists cannot visit such places in this critical time thus there is now a decline in the demand for travel to these places. These places are considered as a hotspot for tourists.

You must be wondering how you would travel out of the European countries amid lockdown. But before planning anything make sure that you have travel insurance for your health perspectives. To add to your information, these countries have not locked their borders, meaning that you could travel to your respective countries without facing any difficulties. While the UK has announced a full lockdown in the country, Germany is in a partial lockdown but the restaurants, bars, and other public places will be closed till the situation comes to normal.

All the countries have made air bubble arrangements, which includes the arrangements made with India. Thus the only condition considering which people could travel is the air bubble arrangement. The citizens of India, holders of OCI cards, or people traveling for some emergency purposes, would still be able to fly out of these countries and into India.

Travel and tourism have been the best thing if you are bored at home. But moving unnecessarily out of your house, you may catch the deadly disease. If it is very necessary to travel for any important purpose you should accumulate more information about travel Insurance before going out.

The insurance of travel is a type of insurance that covers the costs and losses related to traveling. It is a very important protection for those traveling within the country or abroad.  The travel policies cover the damage to personal properties, it also includes trip cancellation or baggage and personal effects coverage, medical expense, and accidental death or flight accident.

If you are reading this and planning a trip to your dream destination place, hold on and wait for the situation to settle down. As and when everything becomes normal, you can visit any place without a second thought, just make sure that you must buy travel insurance online for your health and safety measures.​