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Exercise Daily And Keep Arthritis At Bay

​​Arthritis, at present only second to heart disease, is commonly believed to impact only older people. However, the fact is that arthritis is limiting activities of both the young and old generation. But the young individuals tend to ignore the early symptoms of this form of joint disorder. Evidences suggest that Osteoarthritis, the predominant form of arthritis and more prevalent in the age-group over 65 years, is now more common amongst youngsters. In India, Osteoarthritis is the second most prevalent disease in the younger generation belonging to the age group of 25-30 years, affecting more than 12% of the population. 

Arthritis in Women:
Overall, arthritis has also found to be more common in women. In fact, obesity in young women is the single biggest risk factor for osteoarthritis. This is because obesity in young women eventually reduces progesterone, the beneficial Arthritis protecting hormone.
Medical Checkup:
We usually make countless visits to the General Physician, but how often do we take our child to visit the Podiatrist? Podiatry is a branch of medicine devoted to the study, diagnosis and medical treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower extremity, which is almost unheard in India. Uneven distribution of weight and pressure on our feet may lead to problems like corns, callouses, ingrown toenails, knee pain and even back pain, which may eventually lead to arthritis. Never ignore any of such pains ever. The earlier you consult a doctor, the better it will be for your health and pocket. Also, with right health insurance​​​ policy on your name, you can avail the benefits towards right treatment at the right time.

Common Causes:
Several reasons can be attributed to this trend in India and globally including growing obesity, sedentary lifestyle, dependence on unhealthy and junk food and a vitamin D deficiency.

Also using high heels puts 25% greater force on the knee than when walking barefoot. Making prolonged use of high heels is a risk factor for osteoarthritis in women.

Research also shows that athletes who play high contact sports such as football are more common to knee osteoarthritis due to their aggressive training schedule. Osteoarthritis of the knee generally represents as painful knee and pain killers are administered for temporary pain relief. It is very common for knee osteoarthritis patients to ignore the early symptoms and seek expert opinion only when the disease reaches its worst form.

With an increasing number of younger patients being diagnosed with the disease, it is critical for them to seek timely medical help so that they get adequate pain relief and derive a better quality of life.
Natural Remedy:
With sensible exercise, a healthy diet and supplementation natural relief from Arthritis symptoms may not be too far away. You can thereby save lakhs on medical bills for foot care and arthritis at a later stage.

Avoid joint stress – Avoid tasks that add pressure to your joints. For example, lifting groceries puts strain on your joints.

Watch your weight – Try to obtain and maintain a low weight. While losing body fat and exercising (yes, even if you have Arthritis) is an excellent remedy for helping Arthritic pain relief, other research points to diet being an effective tool to reduce the inflammation associated with Arthritis.

Vitamin C – Research has proven that vitamin C can help reduce the danger of arthritis. Oranges are a terrific source of vitamin C.

Do not be dumb – Research arthritis and learn more about how you can reduce the risk of getting arthritis. Maintain a positive outlook always.

Right footwear and proper gait – There are 33 joints in our foot supporting the entire body weight. Buy expensive and supportive shoes. Keep good posture when sitting and standing. This will take some of the pressure and tension off your joints. Also try to buy a firm mattress and avoid sleeping and relaxing on surfaces that are too soft.

Clothe properly – If the weather is cold wear warm clothing to keep your joint defend your joints. Try long underwear and thick gloves.

Drink water – Water is necessary in joint lubrication, so drink up and avoid arthritis.

Youngsters need to exercise – Thanks to the internet and television, most of our children have almost zero physical activity, which can lead to arthritis in their mid-twenties. When there is loss of muscle and increase in fat, a person will have knee and joint pains. Educating children on the importance of mobility balance should be made mandatory in all schools for them to learn young. During jogging or running, try to find a soft surface. Hard cemented surfaces can hamper bone health in the long run.

Buy the proper shoe size – Most of the mothers have a tendency to buy shoes that are a size larger for their children to make it last longer. This can have a bad impact on the child's bone health. Keep a check on the wear and tear of your footwear to prevent serious threats of your foot health over a period of time.