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Precautionary Steps For Your Car's Safety This Diwali

​Diwali, the festival of light is best celebrated with friends and relatives together. It is the festival of great happiness, fun, and frolic. Diwali is incomplete without sweets, lights, parties, get-togethers and other revelries. Children and youngsters are often more excited than anyone else in the families. They get to play with firecrackers and savour on mouth-watering delicacies.

Even after being extra cautious about handling crackers, we can never eliminate the risk of damage and fire. We protect ourselves and take safety precautions, but forget about our car and their protection. It won't be a pleasant sight if you wake up in the morning after an enjoyable holiday and see your car damaged by firecrackers.

Here's a list of precautionary steps that you should take to ensure the safety of your car this Diwali-

Park Your Car under a Covered Area

On Diwali, the sky lights up with fireworks, creating a beautiful pattern in the air. But you should keep in mind that the residues of firework can ignite fire causing blasts and major accidents. You should not take any chance and park your car under a covered area to avoid any accidental damages. Garages are always a safe bet, go for them!

Avoid Car Body Cover

To keep the car clean and away from dust, we put up covers on the car. During Diwali, covering your car with a body cover is the worst mistake you can make. Car covers are not fireproof, which makes them vulnerable to fire, thereby accentuating a small fire into a massive catastrophe. It could be fatal as any burning rocket may lead the cover to catch fire.

Keep Windows Shut

Ensure that the car windows are rolled up at the time of parking or while on the go. The interiors are inflammable, and there is a possibility of catching fire from random fireworks landing towards the car. Keeping the windows shut will minimize even the slightest chance of Firework entering in the car.

Have a Small Portable Fire Extinguisher

Festive season or otherwise, car owners should make it a habit of carrying a portable fire extinguisher in their vehicle. Considering the rising number of cases, this simple step can prove to be a very effective way to prevent an accident.

Be Alert While Driving

You should watch out for people lighting firecrackers while driving on the road. If a sudden loud cracker bursts near you, there are chances that you might lose control over your car. All the more, you would not want crackers going off near the fuel pipes.

Don't Drink and Drive

Drinking alcohol and driving is one of the major contributors to road rage and accidents. During festive season or any time of the year, you should avoid consuming alcohol as your life is not worth gamble – be it on Diwali or any regular day.

Keep a First Aid Box in the Car

Crackers have a lot of potential of causing significant burns and accidents. As it is said, prevention is better than cure, and we would suggest you keep a first-aid kit within your grasp inside the car just in case.

This festive season, take an oath of protecting yourself and your beloved car and buy a ​car insurance policy to stay worry-free while on the go. A car insurance policy offers practical solutions for your entire car-related needs and more! So, get going! Don't let the fear of firework sour the essence of your celebrations.