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How to Keep Electric Cars Safe During Monsoon

​Monsoon has already set in the country and with the heavy rains comes damages for the vehicles. Consistent cyclones have made the situation worse in India. Heavy downpour, clogged water on the roads, and electrical inefficiency have added to the issues in maintaining your vehicles on a daily basis. The problem seems to amplify when you own an electric car that are more vulnerable to bad weather conditions. 

Locking your vehicle away during the monsoon season and putting a halt on life is not a viable option at all. A practical approach to maintain your e-car can prevent the damage and keep your car safe through the rains. We have compiled some great tips that can help you fight the weather and keep your e-car damage-free every time it rains! 

Without much further ado, let's get started!

Safe Charging

An e-car is fueled by electric energy that is supplied through charging. However, during monsoon, charging can be a tricky business. 

Current surges are a common phenomenon during such weather and can cause heavy damages to the car as well as other appliances. It can cause short-circuit in the charging point and impact the internal circuits of the car. All this can be prevented by charging the car in a dry and covered place. Charge your car in a shed or a garage, away from the rain. Ensure that the charger is dry and clean. Avoid charging during extreme weather conditions such as heavy thunderstorms or lightning. 

Always use an OEM-certified or the original charger that came with your EV. These come with in-built protective layers to work efficiently during such weather conditions.

General Protection

During monsoons, the internal mechanism becomes more vulnerable to corrosion and rusting. It can shorten the car's life and efficiency. To prevent it, ensure that your car is parked in a dry place whenever possible. Keep the windows rolled up and insides of the car dry. 

Wet clothes, shoes, umbrellas can soak up the insides of the car, making it smell awful. Keep tissues or newspapers handy in the car to dry up any moisture. For large wet areas, use hair dryers to get the job done faster. Once your car is parked in the garage or shed, roll down the windows or keep the doors open for a while to let the cabin breathe and get rid of any trapped moisture. 

Keep your e-car battery and internal circuits protected from water or moisture. Cover it up with water-proof covers when parked to prevent any contact with rainwater. It will help your car to be functional at its full potential for much longer. 

100% prevention from water-contact is unachievable unless you keep your car in a waterproof container forever. For added protection, get water-damage protection while buying your electric car insurance. If you car ever suffers water-related damage such as short-circuit or rusting, your car insurance will have your back. 

Small steps can add years to your car-life and help it perform well for longer! 

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