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How to Clean Your House to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus?

Coronavirus or COVID-19​ is one of the most-heard and talked about topics around the world. This epidemic has taken over the world and made people more conscious about cleanliness and personal hygiene. While this outbreak has instilled fear amongst the people, it has given us the opportunity to understand how a clean house can prevent the spread of diseases. Since coronavirus is not an everyday virus, you need to take advanced preventive measures to keep your family safe inside your home. 

Before you understand and practice the ways to combat coronavirus transmission, make sure you have health insuranceto cover yourself and family against any inevitable scenarios. 

Here are the ways to protect your home and family against COVID-19

  1. ​Disinfect the Common Surfaces

  2. Common surfaces are high-touched surfaces that contain most germs and viruses. Hence, it is important to clean and sanitize common surfaces to avoid transmission. You can use vinegar, bleach or commercial disinfectant to rid the germs of those high-touch surfaces. The market is flooded with a range of cleaner-disinfectants that clean the surfaces while killing the germs on them in the common place including kitchen, bathroom, drawing and other rooms. 

  3. Know that you are disinfecting the right way

  4. Sanitizing or disinfecting is worthless if not done the right way. Before you start disinfecting, remove any visible dust or grime from the surface. This way the disinfectant will be more powerful and provides more protection from the microbes. There will be guidelines written on the bottle of disinfectant to remove germs effectively, follow them to disinfect in the right way. 

    Note that different sanitizers require a certain period to work on surfaces to become effective. A few disinfectants may take up to 10 mins to react to the germs and viruses, which means the surface needs to be kept wet with the disinfectant throughout the duration. Reapply the disinfectant to keep the surface wet. 

    It is advised to frequently disinfect the commonly touched surfaces such as mobile phones, light switches, door handles, flush handles. Make sure to clean your hands afterwards.

  5. Follow a disinfecting Routine

  6. You need to follow a daily and weekly disinfecting routine for common areas like the kitchen and bathroom to combat deadly viruses.
Below-mentioned is the daily and weekly routines respectively.​

Daily Disinfecting Practices 

In kitchen 

  • Replace dishcloth and kitchen towel every day.
  • Disinfect the countertop, cutting and chopping boards, sink, cabinet pulls, electronic kitchen appliances and switches everyday.
  • Immediately clean the spots and accidental spills, so they do not attract more pathogens.
  • Empty the dustbin every day and spray it with the disinfectant.

  • In Bathroom 

  • Clean and disinfect tap and handles.
  • Spray the flush handle and toilet with disinfectant. 
  • Empty the bin daily.
  • Wash the bath towel to prevent microbial growth.

  • Weekly Disinfecting Practices

    In kitchen 

  • Clean and disinfect the kitchen sink​
  • Clean all the range knobs and wash other appliances like an oven. 
  • Wash the sink strainers. 

  • In Bathroom 

  • Clean wash basin, bathtub, showers, shower curtains, doors, cabinets and handles.
  • Also wash soap dispenser, toothbrush holders and even toothbrushes. 

  • Cleaning Practices in Other Rooms  

  • Change the bedsheet regularly.
  • Wash mattresses in warm water.
  • Don’t shake the bedsheet and blanket vigorously before washing, as it spreads germs and dust across the room. 
  • Mop the floors with a solution of water and cleaner-disinfectant, and vacuum the carpets. 

  • These were some basic cleaning practices to control the spread and trasmission of coronavirus. If anyone falls sick in your home, keep that person in a separate room, also make sure to buy health insurance​ to cover your family under an additional layer of protection. ​

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