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Holi Safety Tips for Kids

Splashing water, playing with colors, and meeting friends and family; Holi is all about fun, happiness and excitement. But, do you know Holi can be risky for your child? There have been many instances in the past where children lost their hearing abilities due to the sudden splash of water in their ear. This is a basic example. If you research a bit, you would find even worst examples of accidents that occurred on Holi.

This is, therefore, a serious matter to think over. However, as long as you maintain a few precautions, like buying a health insurance policy​ for your child, you can keep him/her safe during Holi festivities.

Listed below are some of the major safety tips to keep in mind -

1. Stay With Your Child

While your child is busy enjoying Holi with his friends, make sure you stay with him or let someone in your family (an adult) to look after your child. Often while playing Holi, children mistakenly swallow colors, which result in serious diseases. Therefore, to avoid such situations, it is essential to keep a close watch on your child.

2. Avoid Synthetic Colors

Do not buy synthetic colors for your child. Instead look for eco-friendly colors that do not harm your child's skin. If you wish to be more protective, try making colors at home through sandalwood, turmeric, henna or flowers, like yellow chrysanthemums or marigold. The benefit of using these colors is the fact that neither they cause skin allergies, nor they are difficult to wash off.

3. Teach Your Child To Avoid Water Balloons

Water balloons definitely multiply the fun of Holi, but it cannot be ignored that they are hazardous too. The person who gets hit by a water balloon experiences a lot of pain and in case the balloon hits a sensitive area, the situation can get really worse. So, teach your kid not to play with water balloons and stay away from people who play with water-filled balloons.

4. Pay Attention To Clothing

One of the best ways to avoid Holi colors touching your child's skin is to dress him in full clothes. This implies that both girls and boys must wear full-sleeve tops or shirts and full bottoms. Even if someone tries to play with your child using synthetic colors, the effect will be minimized due to full clothes.

5. Encourage Goggles

We often do not pay attention to the protection of our eyes while playing Holi. But, when it is about the safety of your child, you should definitely ask him to wear goggles, so as to avoid any sort of optical injuries. Also, teach some effective water manners to your child, for example, not to splash water on someone's face.

Last but not the least, buy health insurance positively to stay covered against monetary losses, arising out of sudden accidents. A policy cover plus adherence to these tips will surely keep your child happy and protected during Holi. So, enjoy your festival to the fullest.​