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Common Causes Leading to Flat Tyre of a Car

Oh no...Flat tyre! Let's be honest; most of us have been there and gone through the inconvenience of a flat tyre. No matter if you park your car along the roadside or parking lots, the problem of flat tyre would have been popped up some time in your life.

Tyre manufacturers are creating sturdy tyres with increased resistance that can go through several extreme conditions. It definitely has decreased the number of incidences, but hasn't curbed it completely.

Imagine getting stuck in a similar situation late at night or in inclement weather. Frightening! Isn't it? These situations can seriously endanger a driver's safety. There's no definite way to prevent flat tyres, but proper maintenance and knowledge of the following causes can help you minimize the chances of it. Let's have a closer look-

Sharp Objects

Puncture from sharp objects is one of the most common reasons for a flat tyre. Any sharp objects like a piece of glass, nail, screw, wire, an industrial staple, or any piece of sharp junk can cause tyre puncture. You can avoid this problem by driving cautiously around construction zones and on poorly-maintained roads.

Bad Road Conditions

Potholes and uneven roads are the worst nightmares for any driver. Not only they ruin your driving experience, but they also wreak havoc on your vehicle's undercarriage, axles, and wheels. However, you can take some corrective measures to keep your tyres from damaging in adverse road conditions. Drive slowly and keep a proper distance from the cars moving ahead as it will give you more time to react if a pothole appears on the road.

Improper inflation

Properly inflated tyres with the right pressure level are essential if you want to have a safe ride. If the tyres aren't inflated properly, they can cause internal tyre damage, thereby creating a severe road injury or crash. You can avoid this by checking the tyre pressure at least once a month as a part of your car's routine maintenance plan.

Wear and Tear

Even normal wear and tear causes a flat tyre. Regular driving eventually outwears the tread on the tyres, making them more exposed to everyday hazards of driving and increase the chances of a flat tyre. You can do a few things to avoid flat tyre when the tyre wears out by warding off fast starts and stops, maintaining your recommended tyre pressure, getting your wheels aligned regularly, and getting your tyres rotated regularly.


Summertime brings not only cold beverages and long drives but also brings flat tyres and associated problems with it. When the temperature rises, it causes the air in your tyres to expand, thereby increasing the internal pressure in your tyres, leading to enhanced chances of flat tyres. You can avoid from such situations by checking your tyre pressure before hitting the road. In the summer, avoid driving with over-inflated tyres.

Apart from all the reasons mentioned above, flat tyres can also happen because of extreme usage of the car, value leakage, etc. You cannot completely ward off the chances of a flat tyre, but you can surely use the preventive measures to reduce the chances. Also, don't forget to insure your vehicle with a comprehensive car insurance policy. Car insurance also offers features like cashless network garages, 24x7 roadside assistance, etc. to give you the peace of mind while you are on the go.​