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Reliance Health Insurance

Health Insurance

No premium loading after a claim
No room rent or ICU cost restriction
No co-payment, No sub-limit
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critical illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Covers 10 critical illness/ surgeries
No medical tests up to 45 years
Sum Insured from Rs. 5 to 10 lacs
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Personal Accident

Covers against death & disablement
Max coverage, minimum paper work
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About Health Insurance and Medical Insurance

Health is Wealth! At Reliance General Insurance we believe that your health is the most important asset you possess. Yet when an unexpected illness or accident occurs, we ensure that you do not need to worry about finances. We offer a variety of health insurance policies that cover you for hospitalization expenses for illness, treatment and recuperation. Our Health/Mediclaim insurance policy is designed to be simple and provide the widest coverage. Our network of hospitals and agents spans the entire country and provides cashless facilities across the nation. We believe that every family should be covered by an insurance policy. Health insurance in India is growing rapidly so why wait, join the Reliance General Insurance family and be assured with our customized health and Medical insurance plans. This is the best gift you can give your family! Get covered and be assured.

Health Insurance - Family floater plan Vs. Individual Insurance plan

Today, having a health insurance is no more a debatable topic, rather it is a known and accepted fact that every individual needs a medical insurance to cover himself and/or family from any medical emergencies. Therefore, today health insurance in India has gained momentum among many families.

There are broadly two types of health insurance plans – individual health insurance and family floater health insurance.

Individual health insurance policy as the name indicates is a health insurance plan for a single person. On the other hand, a family floater health insurance is a medical insurance policy for entire family i.e. self, spouse and maximum 2 dependent children. Some family floater plans also include parents, siblings and in-laws under family definition.

Generally, Health Insurance premium of a family floater policy is inexpensive when compared to an individual health plan. It is probably, this reason that family floater health insurance in India is quite popular. However, you would come across many people who would argue that the difference between premiums of individual policy and family floater policy is not much. Specially with respect to benefits that every member gets in case of individual plan, the difference in premium does not make much of a difference.

A family floater policy considers the age of the eldest family member for calculating the premium. More the age of the senior-most member insured in your family floater, more would be your premium amount. Under individual plan, premium calculation depends on the age of different insured members.

Under family floater insurance policy, the insured amount is common for all the members insured in that policy, i.e. if Mr. A buys a family floater policy of Rs. 3 lac, for himself, his wife and his children; then any of the insured member can use the entire Rs. 3 lac for his/her medical treatment. However, in case of individual policy, each insured member is assigned with his/her own sum insured, which can be claimed only by that particular individual.

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Health Insurance Reviews & Rating

4.7 out of 5
based on 5742 ratings.
1037 user reviews
Just make it more friendly
VIKA*****@GMAIL.COM, 25 Mar 2014
Good site
neel*****, 25 Mar 2014
Like the site
same****, 24 Mar 2014
web page not displaying properly
gunj****, 24 Mar 2014
javascript error..not able to download pdf policy copy
amit****, 20 Mar 2014
Good, no issues faced
atul****, 17 Mar 2014
pkma****, 16 Mar 2014
While making the payment it showed invalid credentials
suja****, 16 Mar 2014
Nomiee Relationship was misleading
sbha****, 15 Mar 2014
Why it asked for City PINCODE, while renewing? After entry of pincode and recalculating premium, I was allowed to make payment. Strange and irritating !! I had to contact your executive to find out the option to make payment.
vija****, 14 Mar 2014
excellent !!
heal****, 14 Mar 2014
like it, no problems faced
vsch****, 14 Mar 2014
all fine
meno****, 12 Mar 2014
All Ok, no errors faced
djke****, 11 Mar 2014
No Problem and Not Error is Coming when We Purchase This Policy
brij****, 08 Mar 2014
suja****, 07 Mar 2014
asking again and again about City and Pin Code
imu_****, 07 Mar 2014
like it
Caro****, 03 Mar 2014
all Good
mani****, 02 Mar 2014
Good site and like the information offered
prav****, 27 Feb 2014
Customer support helped
kalp****, 25 Feb 2014
bhav****, 24 Feb 2014
saru****, 24 Feb 2014
very good but try to reduce the number of fields
jais****, 21 Feb 2014
nothing , great experience
ppko*****, 20 Feb 2014
sk_a****, 19 Feb 2014
No rebate details given
shuk****, 18 Feb 2014
ujja****, 18 Feb 2014
Very nice and simple to buy
vina****, 17 Feb 2014
like it
nave****, 15 Feb 2014
No Issues found, like the site
shal****, 14 Feb 2014
good site
pate****, 14 Feb 2014
all ok. Got the health policy online
piyu****, 13 Feb 2014
raje****, 11 Feb 2014
satisfied with the online support
t.aj****, 11 Feb 2014
sath****, 08 Feb 2014
sati****, 07 Feb 2014
after online renewal, got the pdf but the page was missing with required filled data
raju****, 06 Feb 2014
very good
yoge****, 06 Feb 2014
was very quick
hida****@amicorp.cpm, 06 Feb 2014
like the site and its featuers
rmde****, 05 Feb 2014
Personal accident was very help
acvr****, 05 Feb 2014
Slow processing
neel****, 01 Feb 2014
Good to have the medical policy online
hlar*****, 27 Jan 2014
the procedure was good to buy a Health Insurance Policy
nage*****, 25 Jan 2014
Quick enough to renew my mediclaim policy online
nish****, 24 Jan 2014
like the process of buying the health insurance online
rake***, 23 Jan 2014
GSVR*****@HOTMAIL.COM, 20 Jan 2014
good site for health cover
smyk****, 20 Jan 2014
vdan*****, 20 Jan 2014
no issues all went fine
tsri*****, 20 Jan 2014
Wanted to have an EMI option, would have been great
dhar*****, 20 Jan 2014
when you try to fill in unfilled details, it starts hanging a bit !****, 18 Jan 2014
sure***, 16 Jan 2014
sree*****, 14 Jan 2014
I received 3 quotations; one - premiun with discount for no claim, another 2 without the same, though i did not receive any claim, I had to pay the premium without the discount for no claim.
agop****, 13 Jan 2014
Not getting instant policy copies
unny*****, 12 Jan 2014
OK no issues
drfa*****, 12 Jan 2014
please dont make any call from your any time while i am busy at work.
sude*****, 12 Jan 2014
like it
sjja*****, 10 Jan 2014
downloading is not happening
sall*****, 06 Jan 2014
Got my copy of Health Insurance online
ritw****, 06 Jan 2014
good site
pkch***, 04 Jan 2014
got my family health insurance quickly
sand*****, 2 Jan 2014
good site
saha*****, 2 Jan 2014
got detailed information on the health insurance policy before buying the policy online
selv****, 1 Jan 2014
I am satisfied with your services. I rate your services as Excellent.
drra***, 27 Dec 2013
couldn't renew from main page..had to type key word as reliance insurance premium renewal and also couldn't download pdf
jo_c*****, 24 Dec 2013
liked the site
spsa****, 20 Dec 2013
good mediclaim policy for me and my wife
kuma*****, 20 Dec 2013
very happy with the call center support
pgop*****, 19 Dec 2013
gaur*****, 18 Dec 2013
pdf download problem
vina****, 16 Dec 2013
like it
gmth***, 16 Dec 2013
very good and prompt service
writ*****, 15 Dec 2013
the UI was good
uagr****, 14 Dec 2013
the site was fast
nays*****, 13 Dec 2014
alok*****, 10 Dec 2013
Good, all is fine on the site
kris*****, 8 Dec 2013
online chat gave me good info
seth*****, 4 Dec 2014
got my family health insurance quickly
sand*****, 25 Nov 2013
good site
saha*****, 25 Nov 2013
got detailed information on the health insurance policy before buying the policy online
selv****, 23 Nov 2013
like the site
drra***, 21 Nov 2013
couldn't renew from main page..had to type key word as reliance insurance premium renewal and also couldn't download pdf
jo_c*****, 19 Nov 2013
liked the site
spsa****, 16 Nov 2013
good mediclaim policy for me and my wife
kuma*****, 14 Nov 2013
exellent support to call centre
pgop*****, 13 Nov 2013
gaur*****, 12 Nov 2013
pdf download problem
vina****, 11 Nov 2013
like it
gmth***, 06 Nov 2013
good no issues found
writ*****, 04 Nov 2013
the UI was good
uagr****, 02 Nov 2013
the site was fast
nays*****, 30 Oct 2013
alok*****, 27 Oct 2013
Still I not revived my original policy if you dispatch already 13 saptember by India post
Vini*****, 26 Oct 2013
Good, all is find fine on the site
kris****, 24 Oct 2013
online chat gave me good info
seth***, 24 Oct 2013
good to get covered under health policy�.
apur*****, 20 Oct 2013
like the site
prav*****, 16 Oct 2013
good buying process
niti****, 15 Oct 2013
like it
sams***, 08 Oct 2013
address field alignment at confirm entered data page is a problem
nile*****, 07 Oct 2013
Some times speed is a constraint
dsdh****, 07 Oct 2013
i am not getting next step to proceed.
sanj*****, 07 Oct 2013
Good health insurance policy
rais*****, 06 Oct 2013
garg****, 04 Oct 2013
got assisted by call centre executives
vaib***, 03 Oct 2013
reac****, 03 Oct 2013
like the website
rame*****, 20 Sep 2013
good option of bundling IPA
kuma*****, 17 Sep 2013
online chat offered good help
rajk****, 17 Sep 2013
there are so many things on the page one gets confused where to go and what to choose.
nave***, 14 Sep 2013
"Nothing... I like the chat section... its good... and hassle free... so easy... no need to wait for long time to connect with the CE... "
amit*****, 12 Sep 2013
good site
gk.v****, 12 Sep 2013
buying process was smooth
vija*****, 12 Sep 2013
health policy offered was good cover for whole family
apur*****, 11 Sep 2013
like the site
abin****, 11 Sep 2013
piyu***, 07 Sep 2013
good to buy health insurance policy online
nara****, 29 Aug 2013
liked it
ashi*****, 29 Aug 2013
the Emi for paying health insurance premium is good
shar****, 27 Aug 2013
online booking discount should be given to all health policy buyers
hemd****, 27 Aug 2013
pls email me why the health insurance renewal premium is more than last year
vika*****, 25 Aug 2013
Making payment is not straight forward. I had to contact live chat for assistance.
me.r****, 16 Aug 2013
like the site
anit****, 12 Aug 2013
jene****, 11 Aug 2013
Please try to increase options for credit card EMI offering Banks
k4ka****, 08 Aug 2013
location information is confusing else the site is fine
dhee****, 07 Aug 2013
Good site
soum*****, 06 Aug 2013
good.. one picking up the phone at vizag office
kslp*** , 02 Aug 2013
good to have a health policy online
kuna***** , 02 Aug 2013
like the new health insurance policy
am.r***** , 31 Jul 2013
now my health insured
786a***** , 30 Jul 2013
non responsiveness of website.
suha***** , 29 Jul 2013
all fine
star**** , 29 Jul 2013
ok ok
prak***** , 23 Jul 2013
samb*** , 18 Jul 2013
good site
RISH****@YAHOO.CO.IN , 17 Jul 2013
Final confirmation of payment and policy generation window. It doesn't give adequate info.
sanj***** , 15 Jul 2013
kashu******, 13 July 2013
Online Health Insurance buying is good
SANJA******@MOLYGRAPH.COM, 12 July 2013
cashless hospitalisation is good for all health policies
atees******, 11 July 2013
too many questions
patel******, 9 July 2013
"Excellent , I find that you have made the buying some simple and easy compared to others where unnecessary process and details are asked for . Congrats to the team that build this application ., Yes at one stage , when I changed the coverage slab , error 100 times income sure why , even though I have selected above 1.20 Lakhs and 10 lakhs cover , the error should not have been there ."
sb162******, 9 July 2013
mtakh******, 8 July 2013
like it
vatsa******, 7 July 2013
good health info
sanja******, 4 July 2013
like the payment options
nnnag******, 3 July 2013
pawan******, 2 July 2013
Include more Health covers if possible
linki******** ,30 June 2013
mahes***** ,30 June 2013
A good health policy.
kumar******* ,29 June 2013
Good. Health Insurance policy which I came across
mitus**** ,28 June 2013
typing last name again is a problem
vidse***** ,27 June 2013
Response time of site is slow when i am working on 10mbs speed
RITES*******@YAHOO.COM ,26 June 2013
all fine
777sa**** ,25 June 2013
rajes******* ,25 June 2013
three its gone back first page.
puduv**** ,25 June 2013
I was unable to pay use net banking. Tried 3 times, then finally paid using debit card.
sulai***** ,24 June 2013
bpsir******** ,24 June 2013
all good
ashok****** ,24 June 2013
sinoj******* ,22 June 2013
radda***** ,22 June 2013
prani******* ,22 June 2013
It was not clear what or how to enter City/district/pin code field. Spouse was selected , still, it was asking to select relationship. Spent 15 minutes tryiing to figure this out. Netbanking option is also not clear at first. Was unsure how to select netbanking. Intructions were too many so it was confusing.
vivek**** ,21 June 2013
youwr***** ,21 June 2013
Nope. Good site
prati******* ,21 June 2013
vku_m******* ,20 June 2013
connecting to bank is slow
mmega******* ,20 June 2013
yes it got stuck up many times. and had to fill in details again and again
shank***** ,20 June 2013
it did not allow me to edit my name
vines***** ,19 June 2013
papaw******* ,19 June 2013
good site
bansa**** ,19 June 2013
ravip***** ,18 June 2013
buying health policy from site was good and fast
sambh*******, 17 June 2013
mailme.*****, 14 June 2013
site was fine
amitgorle********, 14 June 2013
excellent service
pithadia_tus******, 13 June 2013
"Please Enter Valid City/District/Pincode In you Database No Tanda City with 144203 Pin Code"
bha****, 13 June 2013
sv*******, 10 June 2013
Please refine your worflows very confusing and some of them dont work. Check IE 10 compatibility.
ganeshmuni*****, 8 June 2013
Superb Site
puneeth*******, 7 June 2013
no, very nice, quite intelligent and fast process
atul*****, 7 June 2013
call centre should be updated with latest updates of the product
ga********, 6 June 2013
bhandari.a******, 4 June 2013
The district name should be an entry field rather than searching from drop down.
dharam****, 2 June 2013
designpri*******, 1 June 2013
took some more time to get hard copy
londona*****, 1 June 2013
<-- June 15 --!>
No EMI option was available although there was an option.
dso**********, May 16, 2013
ICICI bank credit card option emi option not working.
upa*********, May 14, 2013
ICICI 3 emi feature not working
ron********, May 13, 2013
Very good site, but discount on renewal is very less
him**********, May 8, 2013
Nothing only Premium are too high
****, May 3, 2013
Renewal/Buy Policy box should have been placed prominently in the middle and not at the side
eye******, May 1, 2013
ani********, April 27, 2013
My exisiting policy details are not shown
sol******, April 20, 2013
Pin to be asked instead of passwords
tej**********, April 12, 2013
HDFC Netbanking page has errors while login through any site. I would have to do a few times, for getting the payment through.The secure image doesnt get loaded.
pha**********, April 9, 2013
Transaction takes more time after netbanking confirmed.
san******, April 7, 2013
I had bought this policy through an Agent, but now all the servicing is done on my own, so I will like that the commission part that is charged to be is reduced in my premium.
amb****, March 25, 2013
The color of the text should be a littlle more dark.
man******, February 13, 2013
Good customer support to buy a policy online. Interference is so easy. Got sms of renewal on time.
ris*****, February 19, 2013
Pop up should be on some corner side so we can see details properly e.g. Feedback popup.
meh**********, January 24, 2013
It was good and user friendly experience.
rit***********, January 12, 2013
I dont think i came across anything irritating.
nik**********, January 3, 2013
I was unable to view my policy renewal details when i click on the link provided. Rest is fine. Thanks.
sin**************, December 27, 2012
Not displaying the error reason correctly.
ran********, December 11, 2012
Only the fee :)
cha******, November 14, 2012
Good process!!!
tmm***, September 18, 2012
kan*********, September 3, 2012
Asking about the dob which is self generated from previous policy.
r_a********, August 31, 2012
jen****************, August 11, 2012
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