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Health Gain Insurance Policy

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Health Gain Insurance Policy


Reliance Health Insurance with Coronavirus Coverage
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tax ​Savings
​under section ​80D​^
Cash​less Hospitalization
Up to 15%
discount* on ​this policy
A​uto ref​ill
of Sum Insured  ​​​

​ ​

​Due to s​ky-rocketing inflation, even a small medical emergency can burn a hole in our savings. At this difficult situation- a health insurance policy comes as a saviour to you. It covers day care procedure, consultations, tests, and other such expenses that can put you in a financial crisis.​ Hospitalization expenses for Coronavirus treatment is also covered under the policy..

HealthGain is a Health Insurance policy by Reliance General Insurance available in Individual as well as Family Floater Plans, with benefits such as cashless hospitalization, reinstatement of base sum insured, pre and post hospitalization expenses, and numerous other add-on features.

Beat the heat of inflation and avail the amazing benefits of this policy in monthly​ install​ment​. It's that simple! ​Click here to know more.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​Loo​king for a grea​t taxing saving invest​ment?

​​​​​As per section 80D avail deductions of up to Rs 1,00,000^​​ on medical insurance premium. Take a look at below table to know more about the available deductions from gross total income and avail tax benefit of upto Rs. 35,880/-**​:

Description​​M​edical Insurance Premium Paid forTotal deduction under section 80D
Self, Spouse and Dependent ChildrenParents (Whether Dependent or Not)
No one has attained the age of 60 Years ` 25,000 ` 25,000 ` 50,​000
Assessee and his family is less than 60 years and parents are above 60 years of age ` 25,000 ` 50,000 ` 75,000
Assessee and his parents have attained the age of 60 ye​ars and above ` 50​,000 ` ​50​,000 ` ​1,​0​​​0​​,000
​^​​Deductions are subject to provisions of Sec.80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961 'the Act' and applicable amendments and are subject to change in the tax laws. 80D deduction is subject to fulfillment of terms and conditions mentioned in the Act.

** Considering maximum marginal rate of tax @35.88% including surcharge and cess.​

Se​lect ​a Plan that Suits Your Needs

​From the below-mentioned options, you can select the right health insurance plan that secures your and your family's health.

CoverageIndividual Plan​Family Floater Plan
Who can buy this policy​This policy provides coverage to an individual.​It covers several members of a single family under the same plan by paying a single premium in a year.
What it offersThis policy offers benefits like cashless hospitalization, reimbursement, pre and post hospitalization expenses, and numerous other add-on features.
How it worksIn case of an illness, the entire sum insured covers only one individual.In case of multiple illnesses, the sum insured gets distributed among the members.

​ ​ ​

What ​we offer in this plan-

​​​​B​​enefit​s​​​​ Plan
​​Pre & Post Hospitalisation ExpensesUp ​to 60 Days
Hospitalisation Expenses​
​a. In-Patient Treatment
b. Day Care Treatments
Domestic Road AmbulanceUp to Rs 1,500​
Donor Expenses​50% of SI up to max Rs 5 Lac
Domiciliary Hospitalisation​Up to 10% of SI, subject to a maximum of Rs 50,000.
Cumulative Bonus​33.33% increase in Base SI for every claim free year; Max up to 100%.
33.33% decrease in Base SI for every claim year; Max up to Cumulative Bonus earned.
Reinstatement of Base Sum Insured​One re-instatement up ​to 100% of Base Sum Insured, subject to sublimit of 20% for related illness/injury.
Call option​After every 4 claim free years up to maximum 4 times Base Sum Insured provided the total Sum Insured < = Rs 50 Lac. Can be exercised up to the age of 60 years.
Claim Service Guarantee ​Cashless Claims - 1% of claim amount for every delay of 6 hour​s beyond 6 hours of receipt of all information / documents.
Re-imbursement Claims - 1% of claim amount for every delay of 21 days beyond 21 days of receipt of all information / documents.
Maximum -​ 6% for a claim amount
Policy Service Guarantee​SI of Rs 10,000 for delay in policy issuance.
Accidental Death Cover for No Claim Renewal​NA
Exit Age​No Exit Age. This policy offers lifelong renewability.​​

What we offer in this discount-

*Maximum discounts capping up to 15%
#Discount applicable for existing Reliance Private Car Package Policy users.

Why You Should Buy Health Insurance When You Are Young?​

  1. Low Premium-
    The premium of a health insurance policy is much lower when you are young. Let's understand this with an example- At the age of 25, you can have a cover of Rs. 3 lacs at a premium of just Rs. 5,546. As time passes by, our immune system weakens, a​nd we might need a cover of a greater sum insured. If you buy a cover of Rs. 9 lacs at the age of 50, then the premium amount gets almost tripled i.e. Rs. 14,856. Hence it is advised to buy a health insurance policy at a young age.​
  2. Optimum health coverage-
    Due to a progressively sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, environmental pollution and adulterated food, we are observing an increase in lifestyle diseases across age groups. The medical insurance offered by your employer is not enough. Even a regular hospitalization can cost you more than you can imagine. The fact is that medical exigencies in​crease as you get old and the need for medical insurance cannot be overlooked.

  3. Tax Benefits-
    Health insurance is one of the best ways to save tax under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. You can avail tax benefits for a longer period if you buy a health insurance at a young age.

  4. Investment-
    If you buy health insurance policy at a young age, it's likely that you will get the best deal and your policy will be approved without any problem. ​The basic hospitalization costs have seen a spike of more than 10% in a decade.
    Average Hospitalization cost in India​​
    Image Source:​Liv​emint ​(Findings of the sur​vey conducted by National Sample Survey Office in 2014​)​

​ ​

​Top 5 Factors That Affect Yo​ur Health Insurance Premium​


  1. Age: As mentioned earlier, the younger you are the less you have to pay to get yourself covered.

  2. Medical history: In case you have any pre-existing disease, your premium might increase or the insurer might not cover some particular disease in the policy.

  3. Body Mass Index: A high BMI may cause a surge in the premium amount. As high BMI is an indicative of obesity-related ailments like high blood pressure, heart attack, etc.

  4. Occupation: Your insurance premium is likely to increase if you work in hazardous environments or deal with harmful chemicals or radiations. Also, working at construction sites can surge your premium amount.

  5. Consumption of substances injurious to health: ​Your bad habits will never let you win any health situation. Hence, a smoker, alcoholic, or druggie may have a higher premium as compared to a person leading a healthy lifestyle.


​​​​What we cover-

This health insurance ​policy is a perfect foil for any unseen problems you might face during your treatment. Here's a quick look at what your policy covers.

​Hospitalisation​ expenses in case of:

  • In-patient treatm​ent for covered illnesses /injuries, where the insured person is hospitalised for more than 24 consecutive hours.
  • ​Day-care treatment for surgeries /procedures, where the insured person requires less than 24 hours of hospitalisation due to advanced technology. For the list of Day care treatment. (Please refer to Annexure -I of the policy wordings)

Pre-hospitalisation coverage for:

Medical expenses incurred before hospitalisation. Under the HealthGain policy, you will get coverage for 60 days.

Post-hospitalisation coverage for:

Medical expenses incurred after hospitalisation. Under the HealthGain policy, you will get coverage for 60 days.

Domestic Road Ambulance:​​

Expenses for domestic-road ambulance services to the nearest hospital in case of life threatening emergencies. Under Plan A, your medical insurance policy would pay upto Rs 1,500 and upto Rs 3,000 under Plan B. (For more details on this mediclaim policy, please refer to the policy wordings)

​Donor expenses:

These are expenses incurred by the organ donor. We will cover up to 50% of the base sum insured, subject to a maximum of Rs. 5 lakh/- (For more details on this mediclaim policy, please refer to the policy word​ings

Domiciliary hospitalisation:

  • Sometimes it is not possible to move the patient to a hospital because of their condition or lack of accommodation at the hospital. In such cases, the patient can be treated at home. This is called domiciliary hospitalisation.
  • Medical expenses for such cases will be covered if the treatment continues for a minimum of three days.

(For more details on this mediclaim policy, please refer to the policy w​ordings)

Re-instatement of base sum insured:

If you exhaust your entire sum insured & cumulative bonus (if any) and still require further hospitalisation for any related or unrelated illness, we will refill the full Sum Insured at no extra cost. (Please refer to Annexure -II of the policy wordings of this mediclaim policy)

Cumulative bonus:

  • This is a bonus awarded at the end of each claim free policy period. When you do not make a claim in any given mediclaim policy period.
  • If you don’t make any claims on your policy for a year, you earn a cumulative bonus of 33.33% on your base sum insured, at no extra cost. However, the cumulative bonus can be accumulated equal to the amount of base sum insured. 
  • When you do make a claim in any given policy period, the bonus earned shall be decreased by 33.33% of the base sum insured, in the subsequent year. However, this will not reduce the initial base sum insured of your health insurance plan & your maximum reduction of cumulative bonus would be zero.

Call Option:

  • If you do not make any claim on your policy for 4 consecutive years, then by end of the 4th year your cumulative bonus will be equal to your base sum insured. In the 5th year, you can choose the “Call Option” to double your sum insured by adding this earned cumulative bonus.
  • Thereafter, you can accumulate the cumulative bonus again.

Please note that you can choose the Call Option only twice in your lifetime. (For more details, please refer to the policy wordings)

Claim service guarantee:

  • Cashless health insurance claims: If we’re unable to respond within 6 business hours, even after you have completed claim request with correct documentation and information, we will be liable to pay 1% of the claim amount to you, subject to a maximum liability of 6%.
  • Reimbursement of Claims: Similarly, if we’re unable to respond within 21 days, even after you have completed your claim request with correct documentation and information, we will be liable to pay 1% of the claim amount to you, subject to a maximum liability of 6%.

(For more details, p​lease refer to the policy wordings​)

Policy service guarantee:

  • If, even after receiving all completed documents (including Medical reports, as applicable and premium), there is a delay of more than 10 working days from us in issuing your policy issuance, we will pay you onetime additional sum insured of Rs 10,000/- under Plan A and Rs 20,000/- under Plan B.
  • This will be applicable only for 1 year Policy Period and not for renewals/ auto-renewals.

Accidental death cover for no claim renewal:

  • Under Plan B, we will provide you an accidental death cover of Rs. 1 Lakh/- at the end of every claim-free policy year with our Company.
  • This cover will be valid for only one year.
  • This is applicable only if the policy holder is also the insured person in the policy.

Health Insurance Renewal:​

  • You can renew your medical insurance policy for free, under Plan B, if the person insured in the policy is diagnosed with a 'named critical illness
  • This benefit is provided once in the lifetime.
  • This is applicable only if the policy holder is also the insured person in the policy.

(Named critical illness can be referred in the policy wordings​)

​​​ Wellness Solutions:

Awes​ome discounts on various, value-added wellness services and choice of various online solutions through our wellness program.​​

​​ ​

What we don't cover

​As much as we’d like for your policy to cover any and all types of situations, it isn’t possible.
Here are some of the exclusions in the HealthGain Policy.

  • Claims for any medical expenses that occur within 30 days of the mediclaim policy start day will not be covered, unless they occur due to an injury.
  • The following illnesses or surgeries will not be covered for the first two consecutive years from the policy start date:
    • Arthritis (non-infective)
    • Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis
    • Gout
    • Rheumatism
    • All Vertebrae Disorders (including, but not limited to, Spondylitis, Spondylosis, Spondylolisthesis & Intervertebral Disc Prolapse)
    • Joint Replacement Surgery
    • Benign Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Disorders and Surgeries (including, but not limited to, Adenoidectomy, Mastoidectomy, Tonsillectomy and Tympanoplasty)
    • Nasal Septum Deviation, Sinusitis (and related disorders)
    • Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy
    • Cataract
    • Surgery of Genito-Urinary System (unless necessitated by malignancy)
    • Hernia, Hydrocele (all types)
    • Internal Tumours, Skin Tumours, Cysts, Nodules, Polyps, Breast lumps (each of any kind), unless malignant
    • Kidney Stone/ Ureteric Stone/ Lithotripsy / Gall Bladder Stone
  • Any conditions, ailments, injuries or related conditions, which you, the insured person, didn’t show any signs of, and /or which were diagnosed, and / or for which you received medical advice / treatment within 36 months, prior to the policy start date.
  • As per this policy a single room is defined as a room, where a single patient is accommodated and which has an attached toilet (lavatory and bath). The room may also provide provision for accommodating an attendant. Essentially, this type of room is the most basic and the most economical of all accommodations, available as a single room, in that hospital. Any room, beyond this description, is excluded from the health insurance policy coverage.
  • The following diseases or conditions are not covered in this plan, under permanent exclusions:
    • Intentional self-injury / injury under influence of alcohol, drugs / criminal acts
    • Outside India or Robotic or Stem Cells
    • War / nuclear / chemical / biological injuries
    • Diseases such as HIV / AIDS or STDs
    • Congenital diseases (diseases present from birth)
    • Maternity- or Fertility-related conditions
    • Cost of spectacles, contact lenses and hearing aids
    • Dental treatment or surgery
    • Treatment of mental illness
    • Cosmetic, aesthetic treatment
    • Non-allopathic, diagnostics , self-medication, unproven treatments​​

We also provide variety of options to choose from such as a family floater mediclaim policy, individual health insurance plans, cashless health insurance, senior citizen health insurance and sum insured Rs. 3 lacs, Rs. 6 lacs & Rs. ​​​​​9 lacs are available.

On purchase of the HealthGain policy, you get the R card! It's not just for claims, but it also gets you fabulous discounts and deals on a variety of health and lifestyle products and services.

Just download your​ ​R card here online, flash it at any of the places mentioned below (along with some photo ID) and get healthy! ​​​​​

*T&C apply. For more details on risk factors,​ ​terms conditions, brochure, and exclusions, please read the  policy wording carefully before concluding a sale. The details mentioned above are for Reliance Health Gain ​Policy.​ UIN-​RELHLIP21514V022021.

Health Gain Insurance FAQ


Health Gain Insurance Reviews and Ratings

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4.4(Based on 143 ratings)

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  • “Health is wealth”

    Had to buy a health insurance for my family to keep everyone covered against any threats. Feel safe now as I am very happy with the service provided to me by reliance

    Kari Q18 March 2020, Varkaa
  • “Health insurance with cashless benefit”

    It is a good health insurance policy which cover hospitalization and helped me avail cashless hospitalization

    Dino S13 February 2020, Hyderabad
  • “Customizable health insurance policy”

    I could select and customize the health insurance plan as per my needs. It was good to purchase the health insurance plan as needed.

    Chetan O5 February 2020, Vijayawada
  • “Good health insurance policy by Reliance”

    Bought the health insurance policy by Reliance General which covered the hospitalization expenses due to an accident. It was a good experience as everything was cashless. Helped me deal with things smoothly

    Remi L1 January 2020, Mumbai
  • “Good health insurance policy”

    A decent policy by Reliance which covers hopitalization and helped me recover expenses.

    Mohan A12 December 2019, Kerala
  • “Perfect health insurance plan”

    Did a detailed comparision between health insurance providers and came to a conclusion that reliance has the most options and the perfect match for my needs. The coverage provided is also amazing!

    Sagar M8 December 2019, Valsad
  • “Fast and easy process”

    Didn’t know the importance of health insurance until something unfortunate happened to my friend. After lots of comparison I decided to go with reliance general. All necessary information is present on the website and customer executives are well trained to answer any other questions. Overall very satisfied

    Arun R25 September 2019, Kolhapur
  • “Don’t miss health insurance”

    I paid my own bills last year when I was admitted to the hospital and it was painful as I didn't had a health insurance policy

    Himani S14 January 2019, Bengaluru
  • “prone to viral fever”

    Bought health insurancefor myself as I am a bit prone to viral fevers

    Shubh R28 December 2018, Kolkata
  • “Healthgain health insurance has great benefits”

    Awesome benefits in Reliance's Healthgain health insurance policy

    Rahul K21 December 2018, Ahmedabad
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On purchase of the HealthGain policy, you get the R card! It's not just for claims, but it also gets you fabulous discounts and deals on ​a variety of health and lifestyle products and services.

Just download your R card here online, flash it at any of the places mentioned below (along with some photo ID) and get healthy!

15% on
Prescribed medicines

5% on
OTC Products

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Online Wellness Solution

At Reliance General Insurance, it is our constant endeavor to deliver the best possible healthcare to our beneficiaries. We believe that health management can not be confined to the walls of a Hospital or Clinic. 

With your HealthGain Policy, we offer you various online services that give you access to health experts 24/7 as mentioned below. Click here to avail these services