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Reliance Mediclaim Policy for Family


Family Mediclaim

​​​Healthcare costs are growing exponentially. Therefore, it is prudent to cover yourself and your family against the risk of an unexpected hospitalization. After all, why risk a financial catastrophe when you can be immune to the exorbitant hospital bills. A family health insurance plan provides a perfect solution for providing apt coverage for the entire family. It is just like your normal individual plan but instead of only covering an individual it covers the whole family under one mediclaim policy.

A family floater health insurance plan offers a great opportunity for the customers to avoid the inconvenience of buying as well as renewing multiple policies for each individual of the family and opting for a single mediclaim policy for your family that takes care of everything. It also ensures that the sum insured amount in your family floater health insurance plan is equally shared between the family members, which enables optimum utilization of the sum insured. Otherwise, in an individual policy you hardly make use of your entire coverage amount.

Reliance Healthgain Health Insurance policy offers the perfect choice for a mediclaim policy for family. It offers a unique feature of coverage for the extended family as well. That means your family floater health insurance plan covers not just your spouse and your daughter /son, but also your other/father, siblings, grandmother/grandfather, granddaughter/grandson, and daughter-in-law/son-in-law. We also off​er medical insurance for senior citizens and hence you can also cover your senior family members under a mediclaim policy

Reliance Family floater health insurance offers the following benefits:​

​ Reliance Family floater Health Insurance ​
​offers a 5% discount for single women or girl child
5% Premium discount ​only for ​Reliance Private Car Package Policyholders
 Immediate & extended family members can be covered under an individual mediclaim insurance policy    Tax deductions
upto Rs. 60
,000 under section 80D​
  Re-instatement of base sum insured, if you've exhausted the total sum insured on your medical insurance policy   Over 86​​0​0 network hospitals to choose from for cashless hospitalization​