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Advantages Of An Individual Health Insurance Policy

​​A car insurance policy​ can never match up to the actual damages. The insurance company is entitled to pay only a certain amount for the damages caused. For example, when a particular part of your car is replaced, it is not just the cost of the spare part that one has to pay but the additional labour charges for installing the part also contributes to the final bill. However, the car insurance company pays a certain amount which may or may not even cover the cost of the spare part. How would you manage it then? In any case, you end up paying a higher share than the Maruti car insurance company. Most people always advise to go for a higher policy which may be a little expensive but would cover a major part of the costs. But, going for a higher policy is not the solution. One can opt for a few add-ons to the existing car policy in order to make ​it more useful. The best part about modifying your policy with add-ons is that you don’t need to wait for a particular time to buy the add-ons. You can purchase whenever you want based on your requirement.

3 Areas Where You Need an Add On

Loss of valuables/belongings
When your vehicle meets with an accident, there are chances that some of your valuables in the car are either lost or stolen. A usual Maruti car insurance policy​ would pay a certain amount for the damages caused but certainly not for the valuables inside the car. However, with an add-on, you get a lump-sum reimbursement if your valuables or belongings are lost or damaged. In addition to this benefit, this cover will make no changes to your no-claim bonus (A sum that an insurance company pays you when you do not make a claim for a certain period of time). The belongings or valuables could be any commodity of personal nature which was there in the car at the time of the accident.

Fast on-road service
If your car meets with an accident in the middle of the night, the Maruti car insurance policy covers emergency towing costs of your vehicle. This can be very helpful when you are driving through a location which is otherwise secluded and lacks proper car care services. Your car is covered under instances like punctured tyre, battery issues and insufficient fuel. Simply call your insurance company to get quick services or on the spot service facilities.

Zero depreciation
When your car is older, the Maruti car insurance cover you get is calculated on the basis of your car’s depreciated value. This add-on ensures that you get a maximum cover for the spare costs without considering the depreciation.