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Enjoy Car Insurance Discounts with Anti-Theft Devices

​When you buy a car there are several things that need to be taken care of as a car owner.  Some of them include regular cleaning, maintenance, servicing, paperwork such as PUC, car insurance​ and so on, amongst a host of other things.  

In addition to the aforementioned, there comes another responsibility that is equally if not more important.  That is ensuring the safety of your beloved car especially with regards to theft. Car theft is a menace that is endured by car owners across the globe. In India, the situation is no different. As per crime records, the problem is particularly worrisome in locations such as Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra.
Considering the magnitude of the issue, it is of utmost importance to secure your four-wheeler with an anti-theft device and/or mechanism. There is a slew of anti – theft devices available in the market today. They come in the form of mechanical and electronic systems as well as a combination of the two. Let us find out more about them.

When it comes to car theft, prevention is always better than cure. Although preventing a car theft is something that is beyond one’s control, you can definitely take some steps to lower the odds.  This is where immobilizer devices come into play. These devices essentially prevent the car from being operated and/or started whenever there is an intrusion with the intent of malice. The mechanical immobilizers come in the form of steering locks, gearshift locks, and wheel locks and so on. The advantage of these is that their mere presence can discourage a thief from stealing the car. It is advisable to employ these in tandem with the electronic ones.  The electronic ones are generally embedded in the car keys. They contain digital circuits that send a signal to the ignition system. Without an authenticated signal the engine won’t start.

The other types of anti-theft devices come into the picture in form of a remedial measure. They are car alarms and vehicle tracking systems. Car alarm systems work on motion and electronic sensors. Whenever there is an intrusion, glass shatter or any sudden predetermined violation, the alarm goes off and the car owner is alerted. As far as vehicle tracking systems go, these are in a sense a last resort. Once the car is stolen, the system sends the location of the car to the owner via a GPS. This mechanism is generally available in mid to high-end car models. If you don’t have it, you can easily install a GPS system in your car manually.

The anti-theft devices offer a dual advantage.  Along with preventing car theft they also help to reduce your vehicle​ insurance premium.​ Yes, you heard it right! The logic behind this is that due to the installation of an anti-theft device, the chances of car theft are reduced which in turn leads to reduction in the chances of claims. Based on this, you are eligible for a sizeable discount in the insurance premium from the insurance company. Thus, all this makes installation of a car anti-theft device a must!