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Car Insurance Benefits in Case of Natural Disasters.

Natural disasters can occur anytime, causing immense damage to your belongings when you least expect it. Nature's wrath can be as distressing as detonating a massive bomb. While we might be given immediate medical care in case of natural calamities –what happens to our cars? There's no denying that cars are one of the most prized possessions in our families. Hence, when natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, storms, and others occur, it becomes imperative to ensure that our cars and other belongings are safe.

Just like our property, our vehicles can get severely damaged, if not destroyed, in natural calamities. Hence, it is advisable to take steps beforehand to ensure your car is insured so you won't have to pay for the damages out of your pocket. If you have insured your car with a comprehensive policy, then it becomes easier for you to repair it and take care of other damages caused.

If you are looking for an insurance policy, or already have an active plan, then you should speak with your provider. Discuss with them about the coverage they offer under their policy terms so that you can decide what more needs to be added.

Each insurance company may offer slightly different offerings. Hence it's essential to compare plans and get the right plan for you.

How can Comprehensive Car Insurance Help You?

A comprehensive car insurance policy provides coverage against damages or losses caused due to almost all natural disasters, which means you don't have to buy individual plans for each one of them.

For example- massive flood can damage the car's accessories as well as its engine. If your vehicle has been submerged in water for a long time, then it might suffer partial or full engine damage. The replacement or repair can cost you around Rs. 1-2lacs for a lower end car model. Similarly, replacing the major accessories of your car can cost you hefty. In this situation, a comprehensive health insurance policy will help you financially in covering the expenses of both accessories and engine damage.

Add-on Covers to Consider During Floods

Natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and storms can damage your vehicle significantly. Even if you have insured your car with a comprehensive car insurance policy, you should also consider buying some add-on covers. These add-on insurance covers offer additional protection & coverage to your car during natural calamities.

Mentioned below are some of the add-on covers that you can buy for your car-

Engine Protector

The Engine add-on cover offers compensation for expenses incurred while fixing the indirect damage done by water ingression or leakage of lubricating oil leading to loss or damage to engine parts, differential parts, and gearbox parts

Consumables Cover

Consumable items such as nuts and bolts, screws, washers, grease, lubricants, clips, AC gas, bearings, distilled water, engine oil, oil filter, fuel filter and break oil are covered under this add-on cover. There are specific terms and conditions that you need to keep in mind to avail the benefits of this cover.

Zero Depreciation Cover

Your insurer will deduct the depreciation on the car before you get the claim amount. This add-on cover remunerates for the depreciating value of your vehicle. Opt for this ad​d-on, and you will not have to bear the losses occurred due to depreciation on all parts except the tyres and tubes.