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​The automobile business in India has evolved over time. The automobile sales are touching sky heights. With this increment, there is also an increase in the number of road accidents. Rash driving has also contributed massively to this issue. Keeping that in consideration, most people have purchased a health insurance policy to cover themselves against accidental injuries, when it is the matter of paying the expenses of the damages caused by an accident to their own vehicle or the third party, they have to pay money from their own pocket that can disturb their savings.

These unforeseen situations bring unexpected expanses that you cannot control. You can’t predict such type of situations. So, it is better to buy insurance that safeguards your vehicle along with your savings.

Motor insurance can give you financial help during lockdown period. It is like icing on the cake which provides you risk cover against damage or loss caused by/to the third party in the case of an accident. But there is another thing that you should keep in mind. You also have to renew vehicle insurance on time. Renewing is mandatory to enjoy the perks of an insurance policy.

A Car Insurance can be renewed online in Two Steps:

1.Visit Website –

If you renew your policy online, you don’t have to go to the office of the insurance company. Just within a few clicks, you can renew your policy. You have to visit the website and give the needed information. After that, you can easily proceed for doing further payment. 

2.Online Payment – 

When you pay your policy premium online through Debit or Credit card, NEFT, etc, you get to pay it from the comfort of your home. The online renewal of the policy is just a click away from you. 
You do not have to waste your time waiting and traveling. All you have to do is log on to your insurer’s website and renew the policy. It is the widely used and most preferred payment option.

Do You Need To Renew My Car Insurance During Coronavirus Lockdown?

If your insurance policy is due for renewal, then yes, you have to renew car insurance policy even during the coronavirus lockdown in India. This is because, according to the law, at least a third party motor insurance policy is a mandatory requirement for all vehicle owners in the country. Under the traffic rules, driving an uninsured car, i.e. a vehicle without at least a third party online car insurance, attracts a huge fine or imprisonment of up to 3 months for the first time offense. 

If you want renewal without inspection then you should definitely go online as there you will get multiple options to choose the right insurance and do renewable within few clicks.