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Car Insurance

Car Insurance Online

Reliance Private Car Insurance Policy

24x7 ​roadside* assistance in case of car breakdown at no extra cost. Know more

Cashless facility @ 2100+ network garages

Optional Personal Accident cover of upto Rs. 10 lakh

Reimbursement of towing charges up to Rs. 1,500

Your car/vehicle is more than a means of transport. It is a valued possession which is dear to you and your family. Any damage to your car or vehicle by way of an accident/ natural calamity or loss because of theft not only hits your pride and joy but also makes a deep hole in your pocket. Drive to safety with Reliance Private Car Insurance. Not only do we cover benefits of comprehensive motor insurance but also provide post accident assistance. With our Car Insurance policy you get complete and maximum coverage for your car.

Car Insurance Policy - Key Highlights

  • Instant online policy issuance (call toll-free 1800 3009 for any assistance)
  • No documentation
  • Cashless facility at 2100+ Network Garages
  • Reimbursement of towing charges up to Rs. 1,500
  • Survey within 48 working hours
  • Hassle free claim settlement 
  • Attractive discounts
  • Complete car insurance, on and off the road

Other Benefits of Buying Car Insurance


Motor Car Insurance - No Claim Bonus Retention 

No Claim Bonus Retention Cover

Accidents occur, whether due to your fault or someone else's, but even a single claim on your policy can snatch away the hard earned No Claim Bonus from you, making you start all over again, from Zero, literally.


Buying an automobile insurance online was never this easy. Use our online calculator for calculating auto insurance premium-an instant way to compare car insurance quotes along with elaborating policy features by enlisting inclusions, add-ons, offers and exclusions.
Reliance General insurance exclusively provides free emergency assistance service called Roadside assistance along with purchase of Maruti car insurance, Hyundai car insurance, Chevrolet car insurance, Tata car insurance (and 60 other car manufacturers) vehicle insurance policy.

​Key features of the Roadside Assistance include:

  • Towing assistance
  • Battery Jumpstart
  • Minor Repairs
  • Emergency Fuel assistance
  • Delivering Back up key
  • Organizing a taxi
  • Organizing Hotel Accomodation
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Attractive Discounts on Car/Motor Policy

Avail the 'No Claim Bonus', if no claims were made the previous year for your existing policy with Reliance General Insurance. Option of transferring 'No Claim Bonus' to your new vehicle is also available. Valued customers are given additional discounts for:

  • Voluntary excess
  • Membership of a recognized automobile association
  • Installation of anti-theft device
  • Specific location usage cover discount

In an attempt to mark India's 66th Republic day as special, Reliance General Insurance is promoting the idea of buying motor insurance policy online...


In its own effort to encourage more and more people to buy motor insurance online, Reliance General Insurance has come up with discount offer on its private car insurance policy. The company is offering 10% discount on buying Reliance Private Car insurance online.

Customers who are eligible for a No Claim Bonus, on their car insurance, shall get an additional 10% discount on the car insurance premium, if the policy is bought online with Reliance General Insurance.

Nevertheless, someone who cannot avail the benefit of No Claim Bonus on his car insurance policy too can save on his car insurance premium with this 10% discount offer, but only on renewing his car policy online with Reliance General Insurance.

As this offer has come in as Republic Day Special, the same shall be available for a limited period of time.

Buying affordable auto insurance is now easy

Today, we see more vehicles on road than what we had 5-10 years back. And with number of vehicles on rise, numbers of road accidents have also gone up. Accordingly, the risk associated with driving on road is more now. Therefore, today even before you can go on road with your vehicle, it is most important to have your auto insurance in hand. However, buying an automobile insurance, or a car insurance, isn’t all that easy. Moreover, many individuals consider an auto insurance as waste of money, reason being such policies often turn out to be expensive. Nevertheless, today, with more than dozens of companies offering motor insurance policies, you can buy a car insurance without affecting your expenses.

Ways to get affordable car insurance:

1) Check the premium rates of different auto insurance policies offered by different motor insurance companies. It has been often observed that two different companies offer similar plans and coverages under their respective auto insurance policies. In such cases, compare car insurance premium rates. If similar plans show difference in the premiums, it is obvious that you need to pick the plan with lower premium.

However, though a premium comparison can fetch you affordable plan, it is not necessary that the plan will serve you better.

2) Compare car insurance features. If for you, your car is more than just a vehicle, invest some time for more study on different insurance plans. Compare the features of car insurance and not just premium rates. There can be cases where in you by paying some extra premium you may avail much more benefits on a particular auto insurance.

There are many sites which offer you a comparative list of different car insurance policies offered b y different general insurance companies. With the help of such websites you can get an idea of not only different premium rates but also the features of different policies and thereby make your choice with an ease.

3) Look for discounts. Many general insurance companies offer different discounts on their plans. Enquire about any such discount and whether you are eligible for the same or not. Also, at times some companies come up with car model specific discounts for example, you may come across attractive discounts on Maruti car insurance, Hyundai car insurance. Do not hesitate to ask the insurance provider if they offer any particular discount on your car model.

Car Insurance and Women in India

It is surprising to know that; India is one of the most under-insured countries in the world. The non-life insurance sector in India has a penetration of only 0.7%. The insurance density for general insurance in India is less than $9 while it is $53 in China. General Insurance penetration level is just 0.6% of the GDP while the world average of 2.14%.

With India having a high number of road accidents (annually around 0.13 million), low percent of penetration in car insurance policy becomes a serious concern. The lack of road discipline and poor road conditions have been the main causes for the high incidence of accidents. And if the motor insurance cover is not there it will impose huge losses to the car owners and the public as well in case of third party losses. The main concern here is the awareness of car owners to timely insure their car with appropriate coverage.

In India women car owners are around 20%, but the awareness of car insurance premium renewal is even low as compared with men’s. as per the general belief the main reason behind unawareness of importance of car insurance and car insurance premium renewal among women is that they are seldom caught by the traffic police. Hence it is important to explain the need of insurance coverage for their vehicles through various women’s magazines, community websites etc.

In various foreign countries there are special discounts and coverages designed for women's consideration to the fact that statistically women drivers have fewer accidents and make fewer claims, enabling insurers to reward them with lower premiums. Such schemes are still to come in India but will happen only with the increased awareness for insurance.

However, India may not have special discounts on car insurance premium for women drivers, there are many other discounts that car owners and drivers can avail on their car insurance premium at the time of buying a new policy and even at the time of renewing their motor insurance.

Nevertheless, looking beyond discounts, having a car insurance policy is extremely important for every single car owner and driver in India. You may argue that you are a good driver and may not need any such insurance for yourself or your vehicle, but remember, there are others too who drive on roads. Also, accidents are never planned. So, why risk your life or why burden yourself with a third party liability aroused as a result of an accident by your vehicle? Live smart and get your car a good car insurance policy today.​

Three tips to save on your car insurance premium

Buying a car insurance is a yearly affair. Every time you need to renew you policy, you have to struggle in finding the lowest premium rates, with the maximum coverage. Therefore, in order to make you this effort easy, here are some tips which will help you in saving a substantial amount on your car insurance premium every year.

1.Increase The Car Insurance Deductible

The more is your car insurance deductible, lower will be your premium. Deductible is the amount which you as a customer agree to pay out of pocket towards the claim. however, before opting for the higher deductible, ensure that the chosen deductible amount is affordable for you.

2.Look for Special Discounts

Most of the insurance companies offer a wide range of special discounts. When you are renewing your vehicle insurance policy, make sure to ask the company if there are any special discounts which you can avail. Adding discounts will also help you lower your motor insurance premium.

3.Pay The Car Insurance Premiums Annually

Many companies offer easy instalments to the customers. Though easy instalments lower the burden of paying motor insurance premium, it actually costs more than the actual premium. Therefore, by paying the car insurance premium in one transaction, you will spend less and save on your money.

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Good buying experience :)
swam*****, 11 Jan 2015
no issues, good
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Thanks for Car Insurance policy
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good add ons available with the motor policy
madh****, 11 Jan 2015
awdh****, 10 Jan 2015
no problems
rama****, 10 Jan 2015
Very simple buying process. Not the lowest, but a fair price.
navi****, 10 Jan 2015
website crashes now and then.
saim*****, 09 Jan 2015
Very Honest Dealing
bikr*****, 09 Jan 2015
krip****, 09 Jan 2015
Very simple to renew car insurance policy
suni****, 09 Jan 2015
anil****, 08 Jan 2015
all fine no issues possible
sekh****, 08 Jan 2015
jain*****, 07 Jan 2015
scch*****, 07 Jan 2015
customer support was helpful
mani****, 07 Jan 2015
balu****, 06 Jan 2015
pkin****, 06 Jan 2015
abhi****, 05 Jan 2015
need to improve on pricing
crsr****, 05 Jan 2015
thanks for the support.
sree****, 05 Jan 2015
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deba*****, 04 Jan 2015
akg_****, 03 Jan 2015
makt****, 03 Jan 2015
vilk****, 03 Jan 2015
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very nice
chan*****, 02 Jan 2015
call center was helpful
haro*****, 02 Jan 2015
Website need be improved. Saving of personal data or address etc could have been better.
Chan****, 02 Jan 2015
Thanks awesome experience :)
jags****, 02 Jan 2015
why is this so easy compared to that of agent login?????????????
taru****, 01 Jan 2015
mgna****, 01 Jan 2015
Overall very good experience
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good process
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smooth to buy policy online
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Overall good experience
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Website and process of buying a insurance is real good.
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Keep it up
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good service keep up the good service..
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vish****, 26 Dec 2014
I could not correct the PIN number even after many attempts. Had to manage with wrong PIN number of postal zone
rasw****, 26 Dec 2014
great work
subi****, 26 Dec 2014
"simple and easy. each and every field is covered properly."
sach****, 24 Dec 2014
PURC****@REDIFFMAIL.COM, 24 Dec 2014
all ok
satg****, 24 Dec 2014
very good competitive prices for car policy
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Thanks for quick car insurance
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good costumer support
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WEb site is little slow
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Zero depreciation feature was not displayed during Policy buying time.
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No issues, very good
dine****, 20 Dec 2014
continue the same standard of service
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keep your prices low
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very nice
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good job
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the buying process was very good and quick
tila****, 18 Dec 2014
Address registration process is cumbersome. i had to process it 4 times
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Good service
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all fine
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customer support was helpful
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very good process
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Excellent site
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Excellent website very user friendly
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NCB should be higher for a regular customer,Another sonata HR29 Q 0101 also always insured with reliance.
pune****, 13 Dec 2014
nice one thanks
josh****, 13 Dec 2014
Hassle Free
gane*****, 13 Dec 2014
no clarity about your product
drgo*****, 12 Dec 2014
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all is ok no issues
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policy saliet features shall also be displayed while providing quotation
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some part of display is not showing up correctly while making payment .. have this corrected !!
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very good
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your vehicle inspection procedure is excellent
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Good service.
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Good service.
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liked buying car insurance policy online
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Excellant keep it up
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THANKS , for my car insurance policy
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It is quite a gd experience...
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very nice
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It would be great if vehicle details can be populated automatically by providing previous insurance number...
sant*****, 25 Nov 2014
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All ok
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Keep it up!
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fine, no issues faced
apr.****, 19 Nov 2014
Thank you.
rata****, 18 Nov 2014
The web site is very slow , it took almost 2 hours to file
amit****, 18 Nov 2014
The web site is very slow , it took almost 2 hours to file
amit*****, 18 Nov 2014
like the interface
hegd*****, 17 Nov 2014
"Good Job Keep it up Jai Hind"
kitt****, 17 Nov 2014
"it doesn't allow me to correct my name, before policy renewal it shows my first name as Prabhjot Singh Seth and last name empty when i tried modifying it started showing first name as Prabhjot Singh Seth and last name as Sethi. then i tried correcting first name and everything gets locked up and i cannot change anything. please help if you can correct my first name as Prabhjot Singh and last name as Sethi in the Policy"
prab****, 17 Nov 2014
customer support was very helpful
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very good pricing
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like the car insurance product and its addon
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Keep it Up the Good work.
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if you have more than one policy at two different address, only last one is shown. All other policies just vanish so you can't see them. This has to be rectified.
logi****, 12 Nov 2014
like the website information..
naga*****, 11 Nov 2014
customer care persons not filling data accurately or incomplete data is filled ; so i have to fill it myself.
jade*****, 11 Nov 2014
Website is slow.
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Had a very good response and courteous in helping to purchase the product
tsc_****, 10 Nov 2014
good job - guys keep it up
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thanks for my car insurance policy
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keep it up
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While pressing Tab button it was not moving to next box....
chok****, 08 Nov 2014
Not good customer care service and bad pre sales people
dabr****, 07 Nov 2014
Excellent agent Pooja who answered my call on the toll free no.
oman*****, 07 Nov 2014

mall*****, 07 Nov 2014
The site breaks frequently
bibh*****, 06 Nov 2014
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keep up the good work
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Re-calculation of Premium is very slow but overall exp. is good
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None the customer helpline was very useful while renewing the policy.
navi*****, 27 Oct 2014
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All was good
shas****, 25 Oct 2014
For the first time I am happy to use a Reliance portal. I think you should replicate the design across all other portals.
sudh****, 25 Oct 2014
it can be better designed
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like the help from customer care executive
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Facing problem for finding old policy no.1304432311000670
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It would be good to have more clarity on the terms that are used for additional example will always be good.
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executive phone call helpful
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Site is slow to respond
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I expected No Claim Bonus
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Could not understand the No Claims Discount.
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Filling details while renewing policies can be more user friendly and fluid in user interface (UI).
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My endorsement details did not get reflected in the policy. I changed the policy to my name but still show the old owners name.
yuv.****, 04 Oct 2014
buying a car policy was so easy online
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drph****, 03 Oct 2014
thank you for a cool web experience
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Nope, Technicial Kavitha helped me alot.
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Editing self details was little poor experience on low bandwidth site.
hema****, 02 Oct 2014
N****@Y.COM, 02 Oct 2014
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"nothing.. but the help text po up can be more explanatory with examples.. "
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website slightly confusing for renewal but worked out well after logging in with user name and pw
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jand****@YAHOO.CO.IN, 18 Sep 2014
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I expected No Claim Bonus
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ak36****, 16 Sep 2014
great experience buying two wheeler insurance policy online
dino*****, 15 Sep 2014
it was a smooth experience
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Good. In fact I would like to renew my car policy with you folks now.
ghos****, 15 Sep 2014
very slow, the city details were slow and the page refreshed 3 times in one session
n4na****, 15 Sep 2014
Good Suppourt from online chat people
vasu****, 14 Sep 2014
Excellent !
tapa****, 13 Sep 2014
from hdfc bank internet banking payment was refused by your server
umab****, 13 Sep 2014
shet****, 13 Sep 2014
Recalculate some times not so user friendly, it is loosing the preselected No Bonus Cliam Value
k.he****, 13 Sep 2014
no issues faced
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Its very easy
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Editing Personal Details is a pain
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"looks like a 90s website! -Farhan"
farh****, 10 Sep 2014
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Raff****, 08 Sep 2014
the demand of pincode
guar****, 08 Sep 2014
guru****, 08 Sep 2014
too many details are required
shan****, 07 Sep 2014
A lot to fill, please make it simple by automating. For example enter expiring policy number and from that database you could retrive all the info. That would be great enhancement to it.
bija****, 07 Sep 2014
hemr****, 05 Sep 2014
Page timing out,especially when making the payment.
prad****, 05 Sep 2014
sanj****, 05 Sep 2014
nothing service easy and understable
hanu****, 04 Sep 2014
siva****, 04 Sep 2014
ramg****, 03 Sep 2014
No. Nothing. Really its good
mani****, 03 Sep 2014
neo.****, 03 Sep 2014
nothing to say. everything is GOOD.
leon****, 02 Sep 2014
thank you for my bike policy
jai.****, 02 Sep 2014
sanj****, 02 Sep 2014
The website was a little confusing for a first-timer
ayus****, 01 Sep 2014
everything was fine.
must****, 01 Sep 2014
alll excellent
rv26****, 01 Sep 2014
knk2****, 31 Aug 2014
Everything good
asak****, 31 Aug 2014
i had to enter the data many times.. and it is taking time to get upload/update etc.. and there is no mail coming to retrive the data if we lost half way
devr****, 30 Aug 2014
very good
reac****, 29 Aug 2014
the information on the site was good
ssma****, 29 Aug 2014
mcsa****, 29 Aug 2014
the help was good from customer care executive
jj_s****, 29 Aug 2014
sree****, 28 Aug 2014
THIL****@GMAIL.COM, 28 Aug 2014
Information on Voluntary Deductible can be more elaborate
mech****, 27 Aug 2014
RASN****@MAHINDRA.COM, 26 Aug 2014
page is not loading properly in firefox browser
raje****, 25 Aug 2014
online policy may be have some cash discount for routine custermars
maya****, 24 Aug 2014
rsha****, 24 Aug 2014
Site hanging many time while selection voluntary deductible and consumes 25 minutes rather that 5 minutes.
vipu****, 24 Aug 2014
it was alll smooth.. :-)
sing****, 23 Aug 2014
It was a really good online experience. Much better than previous year.
bhaj****, 23 Aug 2014
Slow website, pages do not open fast ...
sach*****, 03 Jun 2014
ranj*****, 02 Jun 2014
Great experience to buy two wheeler insurance policy!
hari****, 02 Jun 2014
Delay in opening of payment page
gsan****, 02 Jun 2014
site page loading is slow at times
srsk****, 01 Jun 2014
this is really cooooooool
kira****, 01 Jun 2014
the site was slow
subh****, 01 Jun 2014
NCB details not disclosed
prav****, 31 May 2014
auto tab is not working, and why can't you fetch vehicle details from policy no.
triv****, 31 May 2014
kul.****, 31 May 2014
provide username and password then we click enter button page will reload but it didn't login it was only irritated
rajk****, 29 May 2014
vire****, 26 May 2014
its easy..
devm****, 26 May 2014
its pretty easy to buy insurance online
raav****, 25 May 2014
Extremely high premium???
suni****, 25 May 2014
good interface and reasonable premium calculation.
pras****, 24 May 2014
no,but some fear while making payment because its first time to me
ravv****, 23 May 2014
easy to pay
sale****, 23 May 2014
No Claim Bonus Retention should be easily visible. It is not listed at all or hidden under some drop down menu.
Nare****, 23 May 2014
i tried opening with the cover note number,but it dint work and then i tried with the policy number and it went very well
ario****, 21 May 2014
KJEE****@GMAIL.COM, 19 May 2014
"Buying experience was smooth, no irritation at all. Thankyou"
niks****, 17 May 2014
too much calling from customer care representative
piyu****, 17 May 2014
too many inputs
litt****, 15 May 2014
Little Bit Lengthy :-)
tane****, 14 May 2014
.. this site is good and interactive.
loge****, 12 May 2014
all fine.......but some hesitation while buying online general insurance........
viru****, 12 May 2014
First time money got credited and policy was not created
anir****, 12 May 2014
very nice
prav*****, 11 May 2014
djro*****, 09 May 2014
"Mr Harinder, your staff was very nice to me. also the lady staff who called me today.. thank you.. "
jose****, 08 May 2014
gud one
selv****, 08 May 2014
aa18****, 08 May 2014
Good experience
prin****, 06 May 2014
Everything was good. :-)****, 06 May 2014
ravi****, 06 May 2014
Good Service. Appreciate.
srir****, 04 May 2014
On Spot Policy Downloading ption would be fine
sair*****, 01 May 2014
very Good site
seka*****, 01 May 2014
unam****, 01 May 2014
all was good. Thanks for the efforts.
deva****, 01 May 2014
sjac****, 01 May 2014
its user friendly..
mdim****, 01 May 2014
Nothing thanks for your support
bank****, 01 May 2014
I had to enter my Vehicle details 3 times.
sush****, 01 May 2014
s_ma****, 30 Apr 2014
liked the site
pava****, 30 Apr 2014
no problems faced
dili****, 30 Apr 2014
nice site
p_v_****, 30 Apr 2014
the information was good
hmni****, 30 Apr 2014
DINK****@GMAIL.COM, 30 Apr 2014
hema****, 30 Apr 2014
all fine�
kapi****, 30 Apr 2014
Typing Address of Insurance Company
nair****, 29 Apr 2014
amit****, 29 Apr 2014
re entering RC number and address
aksh****, 29 Apr 2014
no****, 29 Apr 2014
alam****, 29 Apr 2014
very good to buy policy online
bml_****, 29 Apr 2014
anil****, 29 Apr 2014
Awesome experience in Buying Policy
anju****, 29 Apr 2014
like it :)
gdel****, 29 Apr 2014
too many details. even that of the nominee
shaw****, 29 Apr 2014
arun****, 29 Apr 2014
too many calls from the customer care executives
nirm****, 29 Apr 2014
thank u for two wheeler policy
pppl****, 29 Apr 2014
Lot of details needed on the forms, could have been reduced and made quick?
sidd****, 29 Apr 2014
NCB not mentioned clearly
ranj****, 29 Apr 2014
amit****, 29 Apr 2014
The Bill Desk payment does not work on Chrome Browser.
shar****, 29 Apr 2014
The showroom price was incorrect and could not be modified
afsh****, 28 Apr 2014
nice, easy to understand
pjoh****, 28 Apr 2014
Big list of Banks in payments, that can be shown as max used bank at top and then list below
mahe****, 28 Apr 2014
"i am trying to renew my preivous Reliance two wheeler policy but not found anything so i enterd religare but address is your"
lstw****, 27 Apr 2014
while making payment its irrited alot
dive****, 27 Apr 2014
When I tried changing the IDV and voluntary deduction values, the page went to choose renewal of Reliance / other insurance page.
reac****, 27 Apr 2014
"there has to be a save button on every page so that the person who has filled the details is not required to refill when he goes to a previous opage for checking or certain correction secondaly - i could not understand the PA cover,PA to Owner Driver. in my case i have the vehile in my name, but me wife rides the same, so will the PA cover help me ? there should be description on the same and other relasted matters of PA cover."
raja****, 26 Apr 2014
him_****, 26 Apr 2014
Very good site
fern****, 26 Apr 2014
Yes last time when i bought a two wheeler insurance. Policy was expiring in April and i had renewed it in Mar itself. Then due to change in third party premium i was asked to pay an additional amount. I was not able to see the link online and then when i called your toll free number i was told there is no option to pay online. Later i raised a service request and by then i myself found the link. This was a bit irritating and i had expressed my discomfort to the person who attended the call when i called the toll free number as well
arun****, 26 Apr 2014
yes, is could not login properly and also the most difficult thing is that i could not view pdf document of my existing policy which is very bad and could not download also.please rectify enable pdf download and viewing. On clicking on the pdf icon nothing comes.
rang****, 26 Apr 2014
sank****, 25 Apr 2014
None, it was a pleasure renewing insurance!
phan****, 25 Apr 2014
not loading quotes if we go back previous page
nand****, 24 Apr 2014
noida sector 61 not available
augu****, 24 Apr 2014
once the old reliance policy no is takes past record data and auto fills certain details which is not editable..
aash****, 24 Apr 2014
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