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Ford Endeavour Car Insurance


Ford Endeavour Car Insurance
Ford Endeavour
The Ford Endeavour is 'Sports Utility Vehicle', also called an SUV. SUVs are a type of station wagon, with off-road features such as enhanced ground clearance, rugged build, and four-wheel drive. The original name of the Ford Endeavour is actually Ford Everest and the company has been producing the model since 2003. The Endeavour is currently in its third avatar (since 2015) and has witnessed solid sales in the Indian market, which is incidently starved of high-quality SUVs. The company claims, the Endeavour can "successfully tackle any trail, mountain or track, made of snow, rock, sand or mud".
​Ford Endeavour Variants
The Ford Endeavour can comfortably seat seven people. As of now, it is available in the diesel version and can deliver a mileage of 12.62 km per liter. The car is quite pricey, with a new Ford Endeavour retailing at more than 26 lakh rupees. Ford Endeavour is sold in three models – 2.2-liter 4X2 AT Trend, 2.2-liter 4X2 AT Titanium, and the 3.2-liter 4X4 At Titanium. The 2.2-liter 4X2 AT Trend is the most affordable option while the 3.2-liter model is the most expensive. Apart from the fact that this car is produced by Ford, one of the oldest and most reliable car companies in the world, many customers are also attracted to this car by its quality construct, low maintenance, extensive features and pretty build.