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Why Medical Tests are Important at the Time of Buying Health Insurance?

​​​Health insurance is not famous in India. One of the biggest reasons is the hassle of going through medical tests and examinations. There have been many occurrences where people cancel their health insurance policies in case it involves undergoing specific medical tests before approval.

Many insurance companies make false advertisements, where they promise to provide health insurance without a medical test. No doubt, it sounds appealing, but it is nothing more than a marketing gimmick of the insurer. On the contrary, it is impractical to issue a health insurance policy without a medical test. A pre-medical test assesses the eligibility of the customer and ensures the insurer that the person is healthy and does not have any pre-existing disease. Nothing can be worst than hiding your health condition to your insurer. Withholding a fact is solely considered as a fraud and can directly lead to refusal of the claim.

Here's why you should go through medical tests at the time of buying health insurance-

1. Avoid Paying a Hefty Amount

It is normal to hate going to the clinic or diagnostic center to get a medical test done, especially to get a regular health insurance policy. Just a bit of laziness and you might end up paying heavily. The health insurance policies that are offered without any medical tests cost higher than the conventional health plans.

2. To proof Your Low Risk-appetite

Being healthy is rewarding. In case you go through pre-medical examination and pass with a good record, you will get some discount on premium from your insurer. Also, you will also be considered a low-risk customer from their perspective.

3. To Remain Covered even in the Worst Condition

Once you get through a medical test, you will know about your medical condition in detail. God forbid, if you are diagnosed with a pre-existing condition, you can state the same to your insurer. They will tell you about the waiting period relevant to your health. It is a good idea to pay higher rather than getting your claim rejected altogether.

You must be confused, why insurers offer such a proposition that says no medical tests required when it can be risky on the insurer's part. Well, it is evident that medical tests are expensive and if a person has to go through a medical check-up all by himself, it hampers their acquisition.

These days, several health insurance companies offer policy without a medical test if you are aged below 45 years of age. On the other hand, a medical examination is compulsory if you are above 45 years. The customer has to bear the expenses of the examination, but the same is reimbursed post issuance of the policy. For different plans and a different set of customers, the medical tests vary. However, the common pre-medical tests include- blood test, sugar level, urine test, physical examination, and ECG and cholesterol level. You should always be transparent while giving your information to your insurer as it will make your claims easier and faster.