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Health Insurance Awareness Difficulties​

In the era of advanced technology, rocket science, and high-end medical facilities, there is something the generation is less conscious about - Health. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, anyone hardly gets quality time to spend on their health. With the advancements in medical facilities, the costs of treatments are also rising constantly. Therefore, besides taking care of your health, it is also important to enroll in a health insurance plan. But the sad part is, a big ratio of people is not even aware of health insurance policies and their benefits. Especially in rural areas, there is a high need to spread awareness about the policies and how they are beneficial. 

A wide-ratio of people in the nation who even are aware of these policies, do not use health insurance to reimburse the medical expenses, as they think enrolling in such policies is a worthless investment. According to the National Sample Survey Organization, one of the major reasons for indebtedness among the poor and lower-middle-class people is the constant rise in medical costs. It is a pity to discover that despite the existence of these policies most people have to lose their assets to the rising medical costs. ​

Some reasons that contribute to the unawareness about health policies are as follows: 

  • Illiteracy is one of the biggest factors that lack the awareness of health insurance policies. It is important to educate the population about the advantages of these policies. 
  • The burdens of paying the existing loans often dismiss the ideas of enrolling in credit policies that are bound to work in their favor. 
  • There is an absence of exposure to information issued in the national interest of the people. 
  • The private health sector has overpowered the public health sector, due to which the luxury and expensive services of the private sector do not reach the poor and needy people. 

Is it possible to make insurance campaigns a success? 

The answer is YES. Also, the government has already taken actions to inform people about the importance of health insurance policies, but there is still a long way to go. The companies can also perform a few steps to contribute to awareness. ​

  • Most companies are already trying to spread awareness through radio and TV, there is a need to make sure they are answering the doubts of real customers too. 
  • Highlighting and explaining the financial benefits of buying health insurance. It is much easier to be aware of the benefits of health insurance when explained in monetary terms. 
  • The companies can make people understand that rising medical costs can be reimbursed with such policies. The immediate cost-cutting of medical expenses can leave a strong effect on the mind of people. Moreover, it is important to inform them what coverage they get under a health insurance scheme. ​​​
The economic development of a nation is greatly impacted by the well-being and standard of life of the citizen. Even though the economy of the nation is progressing by the years, it is equally important to strengthen the health front of the nation. Thus, the companies and government are making a combined effort to inspire people to buy health insurance to take good care of themselves.