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What is Room Rent Limit In Health Insurance?

Health insurance plans provide thorough coverage to the insurers. While enrolling in a plan you would want to make sure that the plan gives you the maximum coverage with the maximum benefits and features. But have you ever paid attention to the sub-limits in some features of the plan? We know, the answer probably would be a no. You may not know but many benefits under a health policy come with a sub-limit. So, what is a sub-limit? A sub-limit is the restriction to extent of benefits covered under a health policy and room rent limit is one such most common sub-limits. 

What is a room rent limit and how it impacts health insurance claims? 

Room rent limit is the limit imposed on the coverage of rent and other boarding expenses in the hospital, which can be determined either as a percentage of the insured amount or the exact amount. The concept seems simple but a deep understanding is needed to get a clear view about the same. For a better understanding, go through the example below. 

In case, the room rent limit is rs.3000 in your health insurance plan, then the plan will be liable for all the boarding expenses up to Rs.3000 .Whereas, if the limit is determined as 2% of the sum, and the total sum insured is Rs. 4 Lakh, the room rent limit will be Rs.8000. 

Your health insurance claim settlement for hospitalization completely depends on the room limit of the plan. Besides room rent, other treatments and doctors' fees would also depend on the room rent limit. 

Types of room rent coverage under a plan: 

1. Room rent without sub-limits: This is one of the most demanded features in a health insurance plan where the company puts no limits or restrictions on the room rents. The policy owners are free to choose from the room type of their choice, be it a general ward or a private room. 

2. Room rent with specified room types: Some health plans cover specific types of rooms. The insurer can opt for a suite - a twin-sharing suite or a private room. In this feature, the patients can be admitted to only pre-specified rooms. 

3. Room rents co-payments: The co-payment basis helps the insurer to share the expenses on the room rent. In this feature, if your health plan has a specific limit to the room rent, then anything spent above the specified limit has been paid by the insurer. 

4. Room rents without sub-limits as add on cover: In some policies, the insurer gets no room rent sub-limits as add on cover, which is not a default feature and an additional amount needs to be paid to get the feature covered. 

Reliance General Health Insurance No sub-limit on Room Rent. The company allows the insurers to choose from the room type of their choice. Thus, if you are thinking to buy health insurance online make sure you go through all the terms, limits and covers of the plan, before enrolling in one.​