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Types of Car Insurance

​​The automobile sector has experienced a huge boost in the last couple of decades. There was a time when only a couple of automobile brands were available in India. Today, the automotive industry comprises of multinational car makers which roll out new models year after year. This is a sector which has seen multi-fold development. There has been a huge transformation ever since the industry took off. Our life is surrounded by all types of vehicles right from two wheelers, three wheelers, four wheelers and commercial vehicles. One cannot imagine a life without automobiles.

When it comes to travelling at work, a two wheeler or four wheeler is indispensable now. These modes of transport are a source of convenience and at the same time could prove to be risky as well. In case of a vehicular damage, a person could be either mentally or financially at risk. If you own a vehicle, there are chances that your vehicle may get damaged or stolen or there could be a possibility of a third party liability.  

However, car insurance​ protects you and your finances. It covers you in case of such incidents. When in a confusion, one must opt for comprehensive car insurance policy as it protects you from both financial liability and loss of your vehicle.

When there is no car insurance, a person may land up in a huge debt if there is an accident or any other issue. How to protect yourself from unseen incidents related to your motor vehicle? The answer is car insurance. 

If you lose your car or there is a certain damage caused to your car, car insurance protects you and reimburses the costs associated to the damage. It covers the accidental expenses of the one is who driving and other co-passengers.

Car insurance can be bought for all types of private and commercial vehicles. A car insurance policy usually covers the costs related to vehicle damage, third party liability and accidental expenses to the policy owner and members in the car.

Third party insurance is a mandatory requirement in India. The owner of vehicle is liable for injury/death to a third party or damage to any property caused by the vehicle. Driving without a proper car insurance policy is a punishable offence under Motor Vehicles Act. 

Car insurance is broadly classified into three types – Private car insurance, commercial car insurance, heavy vehicle car insurance. 

Private car insurance must be taken right after purchasing a car. Whether the damages caused to your car are due to a natural disaster or a result of deliberate attempt, car insurance policy covers your vehicle against all these events. 

While buying a car insurance policy, one must ensure that the policy covers the costs related to damage to a person or property caused by the vehicle. You can also go for certain add on packages along with your car insurance policy which cover special car parts such as gear box and engine and emergency service etc. These add ons make your journey all the more safe.

Moving on to commercial car insurance, it is essential to buy this type of insurance to run the business. The commercial car insurance policy safeguards the business owner against potential losses caused by the commercial vehicle and legal liability towards third party for injury or death caused by the vehicle. ​