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Things to Check Before Getting Discharged from Hospital for Health Insurance Claim

​Health insurance is a lifesaver plan and while buying one the biggest thing one worries about is a settlement.  With what we know we take the process to be complex whereas when the person has proper awareness about the working of the system, it is pretty easy. The purpose behind getting a health insurance plan is very simple that it should compensate the needed individual. Sometimes the person has the benefit of a cashless hospitalisation while sometimes there is a reimbursement later.

This generally happens when the hospital is not on the insurer’s list or it does not offer the cashless feature. Today with the rising expenses involved in any kind of medical treatment investing in a good health insurance policy​ is a necessity.

For the ease of understanding, five crucial things are listed down that one must do at the time of discharge:

  1. ​Getting the Discharge Summary

  2. One of the most vital documents that need to be procured first is the discharge summary. This document should have all the necessary details starting from the person’s name, the age to kind of diagnosis and treatment done. What is a further course of treatment if there is any?
    This document serves as an important part of what treatment the patient has been through thus saving all of them is necessary and it is good to have a photocopy of these documents as soon as you get them as it could also be useful after the reimbursement. The document must be kept safely until the claim is passed off.

  3. Saving all the bills and receipts

  4. During the hospitalisation major part of the money goes into the room rent, medicines, and injections during the treatment. At every point, it is necessary to a dated cash memo for whatever amount you pay in exchange for whatever service you receive. So, before the discharge, it is necessary to have all the bills, cash memos with full dates and all the details at a single place for submission in future.
    During claiming for the reimbursement copy of these bills could be attached externally for the reimbursement. Bills are subject to acceptance depending on their authenticity. Handwritten bills don’t work here so it is necessary to have all computer-generated bills.

  5. Claim Form
  6. For speedy reimbursement, it is necessary to have a claim form ready preferably it could be filled before the discharge as well. When the person gets discharged all the other necessary document could be attached to the form and then could be passed on to the insurer.

  7. Medical Certificate
  8. The doctor at the time of discharge should issue a medical certificate. The medical certificate will have the basic details like the reason for hospitalisation, the period for which the person was hospitalised. This could an authenticate document in retracing the claim.

  9. Get an FIR or MLC
  10. In case one gets hospitalised after an accident then it is necessary to make sure that one of your closed ones does file an FIR for a medical insurance claim.

So, buy the right health insurance cover keeping in mind everything regarding the health insurance claims.