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Special Treatment Cover In Health Insurance Policy

Getting a good health insurance plan is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make among all your financial and family related decisions. While there are some really good insurance plans available in the Indian market today. One of the best plans that you can choose is the Health Infinity plan from Reliance General Insurance. There are many factors which make this policy such a good choice. Here are some of the basic fats about this plan first and then you can read about why you should choose this plan for different types of special treatment covers. 

Basic Aspects of the Health Infinity Plan:

1. First of all, this plan can be taken in different sum insured plans ranging from just 3 lakh rupees up to 1 crore rupees. The company has defined cover brackets for ease of customer decision making.
2. Second factor is that this one of those rare health insurance plans where up to 90 days of pre-hospitalisation and up to 180 days of post hospitalisation expenses are covered. Almost no other plan offers such long claims period
3. Third factor is the clause where all day care procedures are covered and no sub limits are applicable on the same. Almost no other medical insurance plan comes with this benefits. 
4. Fourth factor is the full restoration of sum insured. Whereas most other plans restore up to 70 to 80% or even lesser, this plan has restore benefit equal to 100% of sum insured.
5. Fifth factor is the ‘MoreTime’ feature which provides an extended policy year of 13 months if policy period is 1 year and extended policy year of 26 months if policy period is 2 years. 

Special Treatment Cover of the Health Infinity Plan

The most important factor that contributes to making this plan the best choice when you buy health insurance online is the Special Treatment Cover. Here is a look at these key factors:

1. This plan covers robotic surgeries which are conducted by a computer controlled robot under the supervision of a qualified medical practitioner. This feature is not available in most common insurance plans. 
2. Eye sight correction is generally not covered in any health insurance plan but with Health Infinity plan you will be covered for eye sight correction required due to refractive error above 14 dioptre.
3. Commonly, the medical insurance plans do not cover new and emerging medical procedures and therapies. With special treatment cover in the Health Infinity plan, the customers get coverage for new treatments like Stem Cell therapy etc. 
4. This is one of the rare plans which provides health insurance coverage for administration of intra-articular or intra-lesional injections, monoclonal antibodies such as Rituximab/Infliximab/tratsuzumab as well as supplementary medications such as zolendronic acid.

The Special Treatment Cover depends upon the sum insured where sum insured of 3, 5 or 10 lakhs brings 1 lakh special treatment cover. For sum insured of 15 lakhs, cover is 1.5 lakhs, for 50 lakhs sum insured the cover is 5 lakhs and for sum insured of 1 crore, the cover is 10 lakh rupees. Please note that Special Treatment Cover comes with a 50% co-pay for all plans.