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​​In the new era of advance technology, online health insurance renewal is the fastest​ and most convenient mode ​​of maintaining your health insurance policy. If you renew health insurance policy online, you save your time and money that you would spend in following up with the insurance agent or visiting the insurance company’s branch. In addition, while you are sitting at the comfort of your home or office​, you can do an online research of health insurance products offered by other companies and accordingly decide on whether you would like to renew online health insurance plan with the existing company or would you like to switch to a new company.

If the expiry date of your policy is nearing, you can avail the benefit of an instant health insurance renewal online, and ensure the financial security towards your and your family’s health in case of any medical emergency.

Why is it important to renew health insurance before it expires?

While there is no doubt in the importance of having a health insurance, it is also important to that one should keep a track of health insurance renewal. Like during buying a new policy, you need to take care of benefits and coverage's offered under the policy, at the time of renewal, you need to ensure certain things like availing no-claim bonus, increasing premium amount if required, adding or deleting number of family member insured in the policy, etc.

During a health insurance tenure, you have already experienced the pros and cons of that particular policy. Assume, you were not happy with the service of your health insurance provider during the last tenure of your health insurance policy. This year, would you like to continue with the same policy? Probably not. In such case you can renew your policy with other health insurance provider. Also, if at the time of health insurance policy renewal you come across a better policy offered by a different insurance provider, you can opt for that insurance instead of existing one, and at the same time can also avail no-claim bonus that you might have accumulated in your existing policy. However, if you renew is after the expiry, you may lose the no-claim bonus.

If a policy is renewed after its expiry, there might be a risk that you will not be covered for any health problem that might have occurred between the expiry of your policy tenure and renewal. For instance, your policy expires on June 1, 2013 and you renew it on June 10, 2013. If you or your family member insured under the policy, falls in need of a medical emergency during June 1 to 10, the cost for same may not be covered by your health insurance policy.

Renew your health insurance online the smart way, logon to internet and secure yours and your family’s health under best health insurance. Stay healthy

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