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Don’t miss out on buying a student travel insurance when studying abroad

How much ​​costly are the medical expenses abroad. Don’t miss buying a student travel insurance when studying abroad

Do you aspire to study abroad? Do you dream of living in a foreign country and exploring new cultures and traditions? Would you like to travel to different parts of the world? The most straightforward answer to this is to study abroad. Studying abroad offers you extensive exposure and allows you to rediscover yourself. It will be challenging at first, but it will even turn out to be the best time of your life. It'll help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, which will help you, take up challenges at work and perform better. The most significant advantage of studying abroad is that it will transform you into a stronger person with a broader perspective.

If you are preparing to study abroad at an international school or university, you will be required to have a student travel/medical insurance policy. Most universities, colleges, and countries have mandated that the students residing to study in a foreign country have to purchase a student travel insurance policy for their enrolment period.

Student Travel Insurance offers medical and non-medical insurance coverage to the students going abroad for studies. This insurance policy is a bit different than the regular travel insurance policy as it remains active throughout the staying period of the student in a foreign country. A student travel insurance policy comes with several unique features such as policy extension and auto-renewal facilities. It aids students in paying their hospital and medical bills, takes care of visits from family in case of emergency hospitalization, repatriation, medical evacuation, bail bond etc.

Therefore, if you or any of your near and dear one is travelling abroad for higher education, remember getting a student travel insurance policy is a boon. Ensuring your trip/stay with a student travel insurance policy eliminates the odds of the financial risks arising out of any unusual and unfortunate occurrences.

Although the insurance coverage at every university can vary depending on their rules, you should ensure that your plan includes at least the following benefits:

  • Hospitalization: In case your health condition deteriorates to the point that you need to get hospitalized, all the medical and hospitalisation expenses including ambulance charges will be reimbursed by the insurance company
  • Emergency Evacuation: The charges of emergency repatriation including those of an air ambulance will be covered
  • Medical Treatment: If you get hurt or need medical consultation for an illness, the consultation expenses, as well as the cost of medication, will be covered by the insurance company
  • Accommodation and travel costs: If you need to stay for a longer duration due to an illness or an injury will be taken care of by your insurer

Now you know about the various type of coverages a student travel insurance plan covers. In case of any medical emergency call the helpline number of your insurance provider. It is always a good idea to inform your insurer about the claims immediately. Never miss out on having an overseas travel insurance policy whether you are a student traveller or going on a planned trip.