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International Travel Insurance - Your Travel Companion


​​​Taking a trip to interesting locations, whether in India or abroad, is always fun. While it is common to see families and individuals planning trips during holiday seasons, today one can also find people travelling to different locations throughout the year.

With easy mode of travel and difference in every individual’s lifestyle and priorities, travelling today is no more restricted to holiday seasons. Moreover, people also travel abroad for business trips. While the purpose of one’s abroad trip might differ, certain things are stand common for every individual stepping on the foreign lad. For instance, while you are on your international vacation or a business trip, the risk of you falling ill or meeting an accident will always be there.

The probability of falling into an unforeseen crisis during a foreign trip might be less for some individuals and more for some, but it can never be completely washed-out. However, the same can be handled with ease, if required.

International travel insurance is one solution to many problems that may occur while you are on a foreign land. For example, something very simple like a weather change can affect your health and demand a medical check-up or hospitalization. And availing health care services in foreign country can prove to be heavy for your pocket. However, if you are insured under an international travel insurance policy, you can not only get best possible treatment for your illness, but can also save yourself from major expenses incurred towards same.

A good international travel insurance policy covers you against risks like medical emergencies, personal accidents, theft, loss of passport and/or checked-in baggage, trip cancellation/delay, etc.

There are many travel insurance providers who do not demand medical check-up before giving out policy. The same condition might be different, as per age group. Before buying your travel insurance policy, try to speak to your travel insurance provider about your special requirements if any. For instance, someone travelling for a specific sports activity can approach the insurer with coverage for same requirement. Before you buy the policy, make sure that you are covered for the particular requirement, other than other variables.

Reliance General Insurance is among the top private companies which offer international travel insurance. Buy comprehensive Reliance travel insurance policy and avail unique benefits like risk coverage towards home burglary (while you are travelling), maternity coverage in case of life risk – subject to terms & conditions, financial emergency assistance, compassionate visit, etc.