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Why A Student Travel Insurance Is A Must

​​​​If you are sending your kid to a foreign country for higher education, you must buy student travel insurance​. Did you know that it is compulsory to buy travel insurance for students who are travelling to the USA or any other Schengen visa universities? Countries like Australia, UK, Singapore have not made it mandatory yet. Even if you are sending your kid to a country which has not made the concept of student travel insurance mandatory, you are advised to buy one for your child as it is extremely important for his/her safety. If you do not know much about the right travel policy for your child, you can opt for the comprehensive student travel policy which is considered to be the safest choice. If your child encounters unpleasant experiences such as accident or any injury in a foreign country, a comprehensive student medical insurance would be of great help. People who do not buy medical travel insurance policy for their child simply do not know the benefits attached to it. Here are a few benefits you must know about student travel insurance –

Medical cover
The medical services in a foreign country are really very expensive. If your child suffers from an ailment or gets injured during his stay, the medical travel insurance is liable to pay the medical expenses related to the ailment or injury. Only a proper medical travel insurance plan can protect your child and keep him/her safe. The policy takes care of hospital related costs, medicine expenses and costs related to an emergency surgery.

Loss of baggage
When your child is travelling abroad, there are chances that the bag might contain most important documents like his passport, documents related to his admission in the university, currency and valuables. If the bag is lost in transit, the insurance company provides adequate cover and proper support. 

Flight delay
If you​​r child has to reach on a certain date to the university and the flight gets cancelled or delayed due to some reasons, you will have to bear the travelling cost all over again if the airline company refuses to issue a refund. In that case, the medical travel insurance policy reimburses a certain amount that contributes to the airfare.

Legal help
If your son or daughter gets into a legal trouble, the comprehensive policy covers some costs related to legal help.

You can now buy travel insurance online​. Look around for the best deals available and choose the policy that suits your requirement.