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Must Go Through Checklist before your Overseas Tour

​Travelling abroad is undoubtedly an exciting prospect. However, it requires meticulous planning. There are numerous things to schedule and plan before you can get on with your dream vacation. Planning well ahead of the time is the key to stress-free travel. To ensure that you have all your bases covered, here’s a simple checklist for your upcoming international getaway.

​Check Your Passport Validity and Apply for The Necessary Visas
Most of the countries require your passport to be valid at least for the next six months before entering. If you have less than six months left for your passport expiry, get it renewed before your next international trip. Additionally, you will also need to apply for the necessary tourist visa for the country you are planning to visit. The process of application may vary from country to country. Certain counties also have the provision for visa on arrival.
Get Travel Insurance 
Buying a travel insurance​ policy is a smart way to ensure that your travel experience is smooth and stress-free. Travel insurance offers compensation for a number of risks such as loss of baggage, cancellation of flight, trip delay, emergency medical treatment etc.
Get Vaccinated and Stock Up On Medications
You might need to take certain vaccinations as a precautionary measure, depending on the country you are visiting. For this purpose, you can check the health advisory of the respective countries and get immunized accordingly.
Check The Travel Advisories for Your Destination 
Before you embark on your trip, it is very important to check the country’s travel warnings and advisories. You can also write down the address and phone numbers of the Indian embassies or consulates in the countries you intend to visit.
Make Copies of All Your Travel Documents 
Make sure you have at-least one colour copy of your passport ID page which is stored separately in a safe place. Additionally, you should also make copies of important documents such as visa, hotel reservations, train ticket confirmations etc. You can also make digital copies of the same and store it in your email.
Learn Key Phrases in The Local Language 
If you are not travelling to English speaking countries, learning the key phrases in the local language will be very helpful. Learn basics phrase like “Hello,” “Thank you,” “Where is the bathroom?” etc.
Keep Some Foreign Currency Handy 
Not every place accepts credit cards or debit cards. Hence make sure to convert some cash before you get on with the trip.
Buy The Necessary Electronic Gear 
There’s nothing worse than not being able to use any electronic gadgets when you are travelling. Different countries use different types of pugs and voltage. So it’s better to buy an adapter with adjustable voltage settings and plugs that can fit into any type of electronic outlet.
Activate International Roaming in Your Phone 
Make sure to activate international roaming on your phone before you leave the country or the charges applicable will be significantly higher.
Check The Country’s Entrance/Exit Fees
Several countries require the travelers to pay a certain amount while entering and exiting the country. These are not included in the price of your airline ticket, hence you need to inquire about any such fee beforehand.